06 October 2011

cough sneeze sniffle yuck!

ciao amigas! i hope this post finds you all in much better condition than i am! omg! i've been so sick! my dr says i've got it bad! i think i need to own stock in flonase! lol!
i apologize i've been so m.i.a. lately. i've just been really, really, ill. the colder weather exacerbates my tics and spasms and to have a severe cold and allergy issue on top of it~ i've been in bed a lot! the cough from my post-nasal drip is so severe it gags me. ugh! yuck!  i have felt much too awful to even blog in advance so you'd have something to read everyday. i'm working on getting better each day, though. i suppose if i weren't such a naturalist i could take a prescription and be past it but i prefer to let nature run its course so i'm not needlessly taking antibiotics or things of that nature. next month i'm going to budget for a really good neti pot!  i'll tell you a fabulous tip though ~ take vicks vaporub and rub it on the bottom of your feet at night and wear socks. omg! it totally works! i have to thank my beautiful "scrappin' mafiosa" for that little tip! yep, she sent it to me all the way from australia! :-)
having been able to watch general conference over the weekend was such a comfort. i know my heavenly father is always looking out for me and i will survive anything that comes my way.
speaking of being a survivor, i hope all of you are doing your bse's and having your mammograms as admonished by your physicians. i  recently changed my dr and so i will find out if i truly need biopsies on the right breast. no matter, i know if it's cancer i will beat it like my mum did! she taught me how to be a survivor! she fought her way out of a comatose state after being given a 3% chance to live! so si se puede! this is breast cancer awareness month and i admonish you all to take care of your tatas! let the photos below, again remind you to get your tests and diagnostic screenings! pink is my favorite color and it's awesome it's associated with something so important! get your mammograms, amigas! below the pics i have some fabulous news!
 Pinkapronwbreastcancerribbon Saveurboobies
the fabulous news?! i have some really awesome things to share with you once i'm feeling well enough to get them posted. until then salud, amigas! thank you for stopping by and supporting my blog!
abrazos y amor,