29 August 2011

farewell grandmother

buenas tardes, amigas! i've just arrived home after spending the morning in los angeles. my great-grandmother was laid to rest today. 101 years old she looked ageless! she wore a beautiful pink suit(it was so nice to see her in my favorite color) and a gorgeous pink hat. she truly looked at peace and as if she had a slight smile on her face.
it was lovely to see my family but hard to see them all so wracked with sorrow. i may have become dehydrated with the shedding of my own countless tears. it was indeed a celebration but also a time to realize that we won't see her again until we cross to the other side of the veil.
we were blessed to have five generations of women/girls until 16 august 2011. "grandmother" was a beautiful and great matriarch! she was the epitome of a fine homemaker(she was to me as big martha was to martha!). she had 12 children and she never grew tired of being a fabulous mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother! i appreciate all she was to my life growing up and into my teenage years and the things she taught me(simply by observing her when i was knee-high to a grasshopper) that i've brought into adulthood and motherhood with my own child. it's a beautiful thing that she can be reunited with "granddaddy" after decades of being apart. he passed on when i was still in elementary school. theirs was a beautiful love story. i'm so happy they can embrace one another again and not be weary or faint but just together, reunited in HIS glorious presence.
i was really pleased that mills stood up and gave her remarks~yes, i know, i shouldn't have let my anxiety disorder keep me from doing the same but it did (:-/). she gave a special blurb about family and it was good to hear her say those things aloud.
below are a few photos we were blessed to have with grandmother back in 2002! have a great week amigas!
4 of 5 generations

3 of 5 generations

abrazos y amor,

26 August 2011

tgifacebook friday

ciao amigas! how was your week? i hope it was fabulous! here's how mine went:
monday~searched for mia and placed a new craigslist ad to see if anyone has her or may have seen her.
tuesday~more searching for mia.
wednesday~ got up at the bc of dawn and went to see my new neurologist. he's waiting for my reports from utah to decide how he wants to handle my dystonia. you can support dmrf by purchasing a friend/loved one, one of their brand new faux leather journals or other gear. also had another mammogram this time on the right. looks like they want an mri. when we got home i was beyond sick with a migraine and tics. the weather/heat was atrocious! i searched for mia for a bit online then i zonked out on migraine meds.
thursday~in and out of bed with the same migraine and searching online for mia. once my migraine meds took later in the evening i worked on the "never-ending card" (netti's daughter, anne. her birthday is on sunday.
friday~still have the migraine. went to the shelter to search for mia. you're not even going to believe this but they had a silver tabby maine coon in there that they'd just picked up and the cat responded to me as mia would and i started to cry, i was so excited! then i ran outside and asked otis to come take a look at her and then we felt her paws and she had claws. i was beyond devastated. but thankfully, again, miabella wasn't listed on their "deceased list". i'm still working on my cards for this next week~condolence(for great-grandmother), baby shower(for cousin), and birthday(for dear sweet, anne).
have a super great weekend amigas! feliz fin de semana! thanks for stopping by! don't forget to join the giveaways if you haven't already!
abrazos y amor,

20 August 2011

slip-up saturday

well, kind of. it's not exactly a slip-up. i have just been so depressed since i haven't been able to find miabella that i didn't really feel like posting a tgifacebook friday post yesterday. i truly hope you all are well, though!
monday~had a dr. appt. and searched online shelter websites for mia
tuesday~my beautiful great-grandmother, 101 yrs old, passed away. she was a lovely matriarch and great homemaker(household coo) and i admired her greatly for her commitment to motherhood and her fabulous cooking that i remember from when i was a little girl. i'll miss you, grandmother.
here we are with grandmother just after her 5th generation celebration in december 2002
 i visited my local shelter to look for mia. thankfully she wasn't on the "deceased list" though she wasn't in any of the kennels there, either.
wednesday~just searched for mia online and everything.
 thursday~took another trip to the shelter to look for mia. no luck. omg! i miss my sweet little girl so much! i had a dream that she was lying on my chest kneading me and purring. i was so sad when i awakened to realize it was just a dream. i cried so hard. lately it's about all i can do(lie in bed and cry~though i've made a commitment to myself to stop it and get back to work). i just miss her so much.
friday~more searching online for mia. had a mild dystonic storm(lost my speech and had severe spasms and tics all evening). thank goodness i awakened today in my normal state so i could look online for mia some more.
so that's about it, that's been my week this week. i'm still painting and working in my studio so it can be a lovely place to create~my fairystampin'mother headquarters lol!
feliz fin de semana, amigas! thank you for your support!
abrazos y amor,

13 August 2011

slip up saturday

ciao, amigas! i hope you all had a great week! mine was very tiring and emotional. miabella being lost has been so devastating for me. but here's a recap of this week:
monday: discovered mia was lost. day 1 of my six day giveaway.
miabella my beautiful little girl.
tuesday: more looking for mia. went to the shelter and put up fliers. day 2 of the giveaways. met a fabulous new friend(more like an hermana). i call her twenchie! she's my long lost twin. hee hee! please check out her amazing blog the paper castle.
wednesday: more looking for mia. posted an ad on craigslist for miabella. day 3 of the giveaways.
thursday: still looking for mia. had to ask "helpful craigslisters" to please not email me unless they had mia as i'd get my hopes up each time i saw an email about my lost cat. day 4 of giveaways.
friday: went to the shelter again to look for mia. checked all shelters in our vicinity online, even the "deceased lists" to no avail. mia is still lost (:-```(  and it's day 5  of giveaways. will continue to look for mia over the weekend and just keep hoping and praying she'll be back with me soon.
feliz fin de semana, amigas! thank you for supporting my blogs!
abrazos y amor,

06 August 2011

tgifacebook friday

ciao amigas! another busy but lovely week! how about you all?!
well, i'll re-cap what happened this week:
monday~sitting on the edge of my seat to hear if my starter kit had shipped. hee hee!
tuesday~same as monday! lol!
wednesday~ yahoo buckaroo! my starter kit came! here's another look at me opening the box:
the e-collar came off and cochobhar-versace got his staples out. mills kept chanting "cochobhar's got a mangina! omg!older siblings can be so cruel(yes, her chant is a "stepbrothers" reference)! he also got a good dose of k-9 advantix II. there ain't no bugs, no bugs on him. hee hee~that commercial is stinkin' cute! he also got his backpack and i put two 1 liter water bottles in it so he can "do work, son" and focus better on walks and get used to carrying it so he'll be all set for it when he becomes a full on service dog. he looks so stinkin' cute in it. i'll get a pic this weekend and show you next week.
thursday~went out to the habitat for humanity (ocReStore). found a fabulous set of chests for 15 bucks! yes, fifteen bucks! so i'm still chugging away at getting fairystampinmother headquarters/my stampin' studio fixed up and all the boxes unpacked. everything in its place! ;-)
friday~more work in my stampin' studio. picked up some fabulous deals from the price club(costco nowadays i suppose).
this weekend will be more work on my stampin' studio(got some tsp the other day so i can paint all of my fabulous finds! don't worry, i'll get before and after pics). working on some stampin' projects and i will post information on the giveaways of next week! feliz fin de semana, amigas!
thank you for your support!
abrazos y amor,

02 August 2011

happy august!

ciao, amigas! i hope you're enjoying your summer and having a fabulous august! i'm so stoked, my starter kit should be here tomorrow or thursday! yay! have a great week!
abrazos y amor,