21 August 2008

millE started virtual school

yes, you heard right! she started virtual school on monday so i've had limited internet access for myself!
i miss you all~but don't worry, i'll be back this weekend if i don't make it here tomorrow! ciao for now!

16 August 2008

i'm a sucker for a man with blue eyes...

bizhan just melts my heart! i swear he can play "puss in boots" in the stage production of shrek! he's so good at making you fall for him with just a little dilation of his pupils in his beautiful blue eyes!
it doesn't work all the time, sometimes he gets an "awww...you're so stinkin' cute~but you're still on timeout!" just before he gets placed in the bathroom for a timeout. lol!
my how he's grown! little choo choo! those of you that have kittens know what i mean about chew chew! i swear it's like having an infant/toddler at home! goodness, he's gets into so many of my things. when he's getting into my stuff and millE doesn't want to watch him then he's mine but when she feels like playing with him he's hers(teenagers)! lol!

ebony and ivory

live together in perfect harmony... lol! for once she isn't hissing at him when he's near her! yep, it's miabella and bizhan or as i like to call them sarobi and simba! lol!

eatin' good in the neighborhood

no, i don't mean that yucky applebee's i mean the delicious cookies my new neighbor sent over to me! well, you know i cannot go without sending a card to people for any occasion so i made them a "welcome to the neighborhood" card. bizhan was trying to be a model in those shots, as well! so i finally decided~'fine, i'll take a picture of you too, hammy choo choo!'

huh?! are you gasping? yes, i did create the card with a lot of ctmh items! lol!
here are the ingredients:

paper: silhouette bulk dot and floral, desert sand cs
inks: basic black(su), chocolate(ctmh)
stamps: welcome to the neighborhood
tools: paper snips
accessories: stampin' pastels
techniques: ink distressing

thanks for looking! please let me know what you think!

sweet new neigbors!

how sweet are they?! oh my goodness, they sent over like half a dozen cookies the other night to introduce themselves to us. so i decided to make them a thank you card. as you can see, bizhan decided he had to be a model in one of the pictures. he's such a ham!

here are the ingredients: paper: cs~whisper white, perfect plum and pale plum/dsp~bella rose
ink: versamark, regal rose
stamps: sprinkles and heartfelt thanks
tools: scallop border punch, paper piercer, stamp-a-majig, heat tool
accessories: stampin' pastels
techniques: two step stampin', watermark

let me know what you think!
abrazos, bella

13 August 2008

whyyyy vh1...whyyyyy?!!!

ok so bunny was on-call last night so millE and i had a late night watching t.v. and why did an autotune to vh1 have to come on with boyz n the hood just going off?! millE decides to grab a couple of the pride members(miabella and bizhan~i guess she gave memphis a break because she's preggers) and hops them into a gang! why vh1?! whyyyyy?! ok, so here are the pics of my little kitties trying to bear with millE's antics.

^poor miabella she was sweet and innocent

^ then she got hopped into the gang

^bizhan, looks scary! i think he was gang-related in one of his past nine lives! lol!

thank goodness they've been rehabbed and have left the gang. i have my sweet little kitties back now! no more boyz n the hood vh1!

12 August 2008

i don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies!!!!

oh my goodness! the miracle of birth! ok, well, maybe we're not exactly there yet but oh my gosh! you're not even going to believe this!...
i felt memphis' little kittens kicking around in her belly today! i...i...i can't believe she's really and truly going to be a little mum! oh my goodness, i'm going to be the queen mum!
agh! i don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies!(i cannot remember what movie that was from but it still cracks me up to recall that line from that movie! lol)
ok, so of course i've googled pregnant cats(or queens) and "what signs to look for" when it's "about that time". well, they said she'd start doing the feline version of nesting and she'd make this unforgettable sound when she's in labor(probably like the screams of the women in the movies having babies). so i've spent the past few days following memphis around trying to see if she's ready. i'll tell you, i won't be too happy if she has those babies on my scrap table! i go down into ma patisserie and i find her little over-bloated self lying on my scrap table all the time! it's like i couldn't even hop up on the exam table the last bit of my pregnancy~how does she do it?! lol! i've tried making her some sweet little spots but she's not into them. i hope she'll decide to use one of them. i'm so afraid she'll decide behind the dryer is the perfect spot~agh!

i'll tell you, i just cannot believe i felt her little babies kicking around today! well, it's safe to say she's actually pregnant and not trying out for garfield in the next movie! she's tubby for a reason~she has babies in there! i cannot believe it! well, i'll keep you all posted on our pride's new arrivals when they get here!
^ i had my baby on the fourth of july 1995~it was hot~it was summer and all i wanted to do was lounge around like this!

Solomente Para Mis Amigas Latinas!

amigas! amigas!
mira a celebrando creatividad ! es un catalogo suplementario nuevo de stampin' up! en purro espanol! tengo su copia ahora mismo! llame me por favor para su copia! puedes comprarlo por solamente cuatro dolares usa(gratis de compra$20)!

all my latin girlfriends! take a look at the new spanish only catalog supplement celebrando creatividad from stampin' up! i speak more spanglish than fluent spanish but i have a copy available for anyone that would like to purchase one for $4(free w/$20 purchase)!if my spanish grammar is improper you can blame mi primo jaime! lol!

11 August 2008

you haven't seen anything like this before!

did you not believe me when i got home from convention and i told you all that stampin' up! had ton of great things in store this fall/winter season?! well here is another promotion stampin' up! has in store for you! a discount on brand new stamp sets for a limited time! check out my fairy stampin' mother website for more details. i told you there were going to be lots of goodies! stay tuned for more!

ta dahhhhh!

it's our lovely new fall/winter '08 idea book &catalog! don't you just love the scalloped edge on the front cover?! i love, love, love the new items in our new idea book and catalog! you should go to my website fairy stampin' mother to see it online! and order to your hearts content~i mean the new stuff(accessories and tools) and the new die cut stamps are to die for! let me know what you think! abrazos, bella

$99 Starter Kit Promotion

$99 Starter Kit Promotion

Dates: August 11-October 11, 2008

Promotion details:

From August 11-October 11, potential recruits will have the option of becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator by purchasing one of three special mini Starter Kits* priced at $99.

Stamp-Focused Starter Kit:

Item Code Description Price
109515 Fun & Fast Notes stamp set $30.95
105548 Bold Brights card stock assortment (8-1/2" x 11") $7.95
101179 Basic Black Classic Stampin' Pad $5.25
104332 SNAIL Adhesive $6.95
100730 Whisper White card stock (8-1/2" x 11") $7.50

Scrapbook-Focused Starter Kit:

Item Code Description Price
111570 Contempo Alphabet stamp set $40.95
113059 Simply Scrappin' Petal Party $19.95
105212 Pixie Pink Classic Stampin' Pad $5.25

Home Décor-Focused Starter Kit:

Item Code Description Price
111656 Inspired by Nature stamp set $23.95
114088 Décor Elements Chocolate Classic Ff $3.95
114126 Décor Elements Medium Chocolate Long Stem Silhouettes $17.95
114285 Décor Elements Applicator $1.95
111835 Kiwi Kiss Classic Stampin' Pad $5.25

*Each kit also includes the same business supplies that are found in the standard Starter Kit (the Home Décor-Focused Starter Kit also includes 25 Décor Elements brochures). While all items in the Starter Kits are recommended, a new demonstrator may substitute a like item of equal or lesser value.

sanela don't look!

sanela, i mean it, don't look! is she looking?! she's not? good!
ok, so i recently found out that sanela's baby ayane(such a beautiful name and she's a beautiful little girl~check out sanela's blog if you don't believe me) is turning four (4) on 14 august. well, she loves pink as much as i do and so i had to make her a card. i mean she's a girl after my own heart with her love of pink! now i'm not as fond of monkeys as she is~ but the pink thing i'm totally into that! so here are three pics of the card i created for her yesterday and finished today.
here's the recipe:

stamps: sock monkey paper: bella rose dsp, whisper white, pretty in pink cs and pink pirouette cs ribbon: regal rose 5/8 grosgrain accessories: styled silver hodgepodge hardware rose ribbon slide, light pink chunky sprinkles inks: pretty in pink, creamy caramel, regal rose~and stampin' pastels in those colors tools: scallop border punch techniques: paper piecing

what do you all think? do you think it's too plain? i hope she'll love it~it's a pink card with a pink monkey~do you get more pink than that? :0)

thanks for looking!
abrazos, bella

10 August 2008

it's coming together nicely

ciao all! remember when i told you all i was the hostess for a card swap with my cropping chicks-ut group? well, it's all coming together nicely. i have most of the cards from the 14/14 swap now.
boy oh boy let me tell you~ i've learned some things about the group i wasn't made aware when i offered to hostess:1. procrastination is fine 2. almost everyone expects procrastination so they are fine whenever they receive their cards after the swap deadline.
well, this is going to be my last time hostessing because i got some finger shaking private messages over the deadline and procrastinators and i just don't want to deal with that again. i personally could care less about the deadline but i started this swap way back in june and i made the deadline the 8th of august so i would be sure to be done with the two ctmh swaps i was in and convention would be over and i'd have the energy to sort and get the cards mailed back. i tried to consider everyone with summer schedules and everything.
i love the group, but it was like some people were like 'i want mine now send me back my extras' and others were like 'well, i can wait until your hubby's next day off so you can wait for the late ones and mail mine back then'. the bittersweet thing about e-communication is you can't really tell a person's tone unless it's an obvious happy tone. so i don't know if the ones that said 'i want mine now, you gave two months for the deadline' are huffy or they're just needing their stuff now. ah well, 'tis life you cannot please all of the people all of the time and just barely some of the people some of the time! lol!
ok, so take a look at the pics. these are the nine cards i have so far. i made the criss cross card in the last pic. let me know what you think!

monday 11 august 2008~check it out i've added a few more pics of the cards.

06 August 2008

it's hump day!

ciao all! whew! is it wednesday already?! i cannot believe it! i'm still sooooo tired from last week and why is it i try to sleep in for a long time and my body is like "nah, i feel like waking up"?! i'm so excited that bunny purchased a new digital camera, so i'll be able to take better pictures to post for you all! you can see with the pics from convention that i've got something greater than my cellphone camera now! woo hoo! i hope you all are having a great week so far! remember the new catalog comes out monday! i'll be posting some more pics later this evening. let me know what you think!
ciao for now!
abrazos, bella

05 August 2008

sharing what i love 24/7!

yes, coming monday 11 august 2008 i will be able to share what i love 24/7 as stampin' up! will have our websites able to process online orders placed on them!
i'm so stoked i don't know what to do with myself! now i can share so many other things i don't have posted on my blogs with you!
you will want to take a look at my website: fairy stampin' mother and see what i have planned!
yes, i know what you're asking "her website isn't bella's petit gateaux too?!" well, i'll tell you, it was...but i changed it to fairy stampin' mother because that's what i feel i have been for so many people! i love helping others create beautiful and awesome projects! so when it comes to cupcakes(petit gateaux~and why didn't i know cupcakes were so popular when i chose the name for my blog just because of good eats?!) those are what i personally create and as far as sharing the fabulous things stampin' up! offers through projects and products i'm your fairy stampin' mother by bringing those to you through my website!
thank you for your support! have a great tuesday!
abrazos, bella
p.s. you will even be able to order a copy of the fall/winter idea book & catalog on my website(you'll have to pay different shipping though)!

have i mentioned...

how much fun i had at convention?! oh my goodness, i'm still riding high on the great excitement that carried me through! i will have to share a few more things with you!

my major faux pas:
1. not wearing better shoes~ i only had my dress shoes and boots
2. no band-aids for blisters on my feet~ my boots scraped skin off the back of my feet!
3. not taking my rolling tote to hold the heavy stuff until the last day!
4. not putting my upline and unit sisters' phone numbers in my cellphone before i left for convention the first day(i totally thought i did, but in my anticipation i must've forgot)
5. not having enough gum or breath mints for after lunch~not everyone ate the garlicky food so i felt self conscious with just having certs!
6. not saving enough money to shop at memento mall the first day

some great things i learned stampin' up! has in store for the world:
1. stampin' up! will have a 20+ page spread in country living magazine! look for that this december!
2. stampin' up! will have the 3m(scotch brand tape) products in most stores really soon so that the public can learn of stampin' up! through the projects included on their 3m products and try to contact demonstrators!
3. stampin' up! teamed up with sizzix to have an exclusive big shot! the dies are to die for!
4. stampin' up! will look into expanding the market in mexico, central and south america(we already have puerto rico!) once they see how well the celebrando creatividad idea book and catalog supplement does! celebrando creatividad is our new idea book and catalog supplement solely in spanish! it contains exclusive stamp sets that are not in english as well as certain english sets in spanish! if you'd like to have a copy of that new addition to stampin' up!'s catalog line please write me a comment. it's just $4 to reserve your copy! you will be able to order from celebrando creatividad starting monday 11 august 2008.
5. all of the new stamp sets in the fall/winter idea book & catalog will be die-cut! sets that still had to be trimmed in the spring/summer idea book & catalog will still need to be trimmed but all new sets will be die-cut and you'll see a note telling you which sets are die-cut as well as available in spanish! you don't want to miss out on getting a copy of that idea book & catalog!
6. the decor element's phase two is going to rock your world! they are awesome!

some fun things i did in and out of the convention hall:
1. i made so many new friends~yes, me! the agoraphobe~i made friends! woo hoo!
2. had a fun outing to the riverton campus/stampin' up! headquarters
3. had a fabulous outing to dear lizzie's in alpine, utah with my unit
4. had a fantastico dinner at buca di beppo with my unit the last night of convention
5. attended the awards night show~i know what i'm striving for now so i can walk across the stage next year!
6. made great make-n-takes( i'll post pics soon)
7. ate fabulously delicious lunches that were provided to us from our convention registration fee
8. i stayed with my friend micki a few times at her hotel room and chatted!

my major do rights!
1. i took a smile with me everyday!
2. i took out the things i wouldn't need on certain days so i could lighten the load of my convention bag
3. i took meticulous notes in my classes so i'd have fun things to share with you all and remember the awesome things i learned to be an even better creative coach!
4. i gave myself positive self-talk so i could help curb my anxiety and make it through convention with the other 5,999 attendees
5. i had a gracious attitude so i could have lots of great things come to me~isn't it during the times we are so completely humble that we learn and gain such great things?!
6. i wore comfortable but professional looking clothes

i love you guys! thank you for supporting my blog! please let me know what you think!

some fun things i heard at convention...

1. lots of screaming with excitement!
2. lots of clapping with excitement!
3. lots of "oh my gosh, how stinkin' cute is that?!"
4. lots of "swaps, are you swapping?"
5. lots of whistling with excitement
6. lots of yea's with excitement
7. lots of fun 80's music!
8. lots of feet moving forward in the lines
it was incredible! i could only think of one thing that would've made it totally perfect~i wanted sanela there to enjoy and experience it with me!

03 August 2008

celebrate good times, come on!

there's a party goin' on right here! a celebration to last throughout the years! so bring your good times and your laughter too, we're gonna celebrate and party with you! cellllebration! ...everyone around the world come on! yahoo! it's a celebration!
stampin' up! is turning 20! and there are awesome new products they're offering in the fall/winter idea book & catalog!

yes, it's true that convention is over but the celebration isn't going to stop! i know some of you have heard through the grapevine that there will be a new scallop edge punch through stampin' up!~you are correct sir! but there's another new scallop punch on top of that one!
another sneak peek item~stampin' up! has partnered with sizzix to bring you an exclusive stampin' up! sizzix big shot! starting 2 september 2008 you will be able to order it! let me tell you, the exclusive stampin' up! dies are absolutely to die for! you're not going to want to miss it! you're going to love the big shot starter kit!

the decor elements stage 2 line will be available in the fall and there will be awesome new shapes and they will be featuring many of stampin' up!'s exclusive colors! don't worry, you'll still be able to get whisper white, kraft, and chocolate chip decor elements too!
the last thing i'm going to let you know about that will be coming out in the fall/winter idea book & catalog is the new vanilla cream hodgepodge hardware kit!
you're going to love, love, love, loooove the new idea book & catalog. please email me to reserve your copy!
i guarantee you're going to love what stampin' up! is planning for the rest of this 20th anniversary year! this will be a twenty year anniversary you won't disappointed in celebrating!

love, love,love ups!

why? because they donated 6,000 stampsets to all of us that attended the stampin' up! convention this past week(well, that's not the only reason but it's a huge one)! it was awesome! there were fireworks and confetti canons and just awesome special effects! it was great!
after i've placed an order, i love to see that little brown truck pulling up to our house and my "boyfriend"(it's ok, bunny knows it's not serious~lol) in his little brown uniform hopping out of his truck to walk across the grass to my front door to hand me my box of stampin' up! cupcakes! maybe you can see from the pics just how kewl it was!
the stampset that ups donated to all of the demonstrators at convention is the "say it with scallops" set that will be available in the new fall/winter idea book & catalog. it is the ronald mcdonald house set.
this is my first year with stampin' up! (yea, i'm a little over two months old now! hee hee!) and it is a goal of mine to sell
at least ten of the stamp sets to help benefit the ronald mcdonald house. that will mean that stampin' up! will donate at least $20 of my sales to the charity! as you all know, every little bit helps! i'll tell you this little tidbit, there is a coordinating scallop punch to go with that stampset and it's not a circle!
i'm just so excited! this set is so cute, i know scallop lovers from all over will have to have it! if you'd like to pre-order a copy of the fall/winter idea book(~$10 includes shipping), please leave a comment or email me and i'll get it sent out to you (when it comes in). the idea book & catalog will be released on 11 august 2008! keep your eye out, i'll be posting a card i've made with it!
please join me in letting ups know how awesome they are and contact them to say thanks! woo hoo! go brown!
look what brown can do for you!

abrazos, bella

02 August 2008

wait until i share with you what stampin' up! has to offer after convention!

ciao ladies! i'm way past burning the midnight oil! bunny barely picked me up at the train station an hour ago!~i've been having such late nights! but tonight, before i take a shower, i wanted to check in with you all and let you know that convention is going sooooo great and you're going to love what i have to share with you in regards to new product coming out in our fall/winter idea book & catalog! if you love scallops~you'll want to stay tuned! one thing i can't keep bottled up is the new "sweet bella" style focus that will be in the new catalog! no joke! the line is named "sweet bella"! you should have heard me scream when some of the new sweet bella line stamps and papers were demonstrated in awesome projects!
well, that's all i'm going to mention for now... i hope you all are having a great week! i miss you all and i'll be back sunday to give you guys a small little sampling of some great things you should put on your wish lists!
have a great saturday!
abrazos, bella