29 June 2008

another attempt

ciao all! i've been in my patisserie baking up some more petit gateaux. here's another dress card i've attempted to make. let me know what you think! thanks for looking!

see what i told you?!

one day the weather is sunny and scorching and another day it's cloudy, overcast and snowy/rainy. here are some pics i had millE snap the other day when we were on our way to the store. i love the views of the mountains. one time i'll have to take a pic of the mountain views when we're up at my mil's. ahh, mother nature, she is one of my bestfriends! the clouds were so pretty that day! i could barely drive for looking at them and oohing, ahhing, and ohhhing! lol
thanks for looking!
abrazos, bella


ok, so i made it through my first workshop! i told you all about it. so here are the pics of the fun little projects i did.
here's a description of each of the projects:
fresh cuts note(promotion in june by su!), fresh cuts note with envelope, love note from the eScape bundle(another june promotion by su!), a thank you card and the sour cream container with salt water taffy inside. as always, let me know what you think! thanks for looking!

does this look like a dress?

ok, here's the cute little dress card i made. does it look like a dress to you? i'm going to have to try it over again with a new idea i have in my head. please let me know what you think! thanks for looking!

28 June 2008

the pride is getting along

guess what?! the pride is really getting along! look at these pics i snapped of the three of them peacefully coexisting! lol!
i'm "chuffed to bits"(i learned that english slang from house on ellen~he was on there last week) my little kitties are getting along! i guess maybe i am "the cat whisperer" lol!


i'm such a biter! i cannot let sanela do anything alone! she's moving, so bella's petit gateaux is moving. she's having a yard sale, so bella's petit gateaux is having a yard sale!
i'm trying to move out some of my ctmh stamps(and other things) that i can bear to live without and earn some extra change for bills and su! things i'd like to have for my card classes.
so i'm offering my BOGO sale to the blog world now! below you will see what i have for bogo sale~buy one get one *half off. or heck i'll even do BTGO~buy **two get one free! free shipping on orders over $30(usa) and $50(canada or other countries)!
sale items:
stamp sets:

b1244-solo "t"(light staining on three stamps)
c1239-vintage father's day
d1041-happy day
d1204-delight in everything
d1217-free spirit

a1084-sweet flowers
a1090-summer's wave
b1033-blossom blocks
b1235-solo "k"
c1290-memory labels
c1297-lovely lace
d1087-elegant floral
d1284-with love (june sotm)

~ paper packs and misc.
1-from me to you (nip) card making kit $25
1-full pkg of serendipity paper & die cuts $15
1-full silhouette creative basics paper and ribbon pack $6

thank you for looking. please leave your email addy in a comment and i'll email you a scan(pic) of any sets you'd like to look at. sorry i can only take paypal~that's my preferred shipping method. everything will have delivery confirmation so we can keep track of your goodies! ciao for now!

*of equal or lesser value
**at regular price

27 June 2008

i'm still here!

ciao all! what a week! aye aye aye! i'm so tired, worn out, and sleepy!
where do i begin?!
my workshop went well on tuesday night. this is what i wrote a dear friend about it:
it went really well, i had someone come i wasn't expecting. i was a little nervous because i had it advertised on the main su! website. i was scared i would get calls and a few ladies would show up i wasn't expecting. millE's best friend and her mom came~she's the someone i wasn't expecting but she had a great time and it was her first time ever doing any scrapping or card making, so it made me feel good to actually get to "teach" someone something. and a few of my die-hard fans/friends(customers) came, so it was really fun. i served a "light dinner" of half homemade and half store-bought chinese food. i bought mini egg rolls(kung pao chicken flavor) and cream cheese won tons and made chicken fried rice and sweet 'n' sour sauce( i was really like emeril and kicked it up a notch~it was spiiiiicy! but really "delish" i put crushed pineapple in it) so the food was a big hit. and they loved my projects. i made a sour cream container(bunny saved me by bringing home salt water taffy so we'd have candy to enclose in them~lol), a thank you card from the "fresh cuts" promo that su! is running right now, a "thinking of you" card from the eScape bundle promo su! is doing, and a "thank you" card that i created from a recipe i saw in the demonstrator template/pattern section of the demo website.

well, after my last guest left tuesday night my aunt flo' showed up for a surprise visit(well, i wasn't expecting her until tomorrow) and she brought a few of her favorite friends c.r. amps and mi graine. so i took 1/4th of my pill on wednesday night to just not be miserable during this visit and it has taken me this long to really have the energy and be coherent enough to post! i am still so sleepy!
good things to report~ 1. i'm feelings lots better. 2. i made cute projects for my workshop to post. 3. i got all 14 of my swap cards done! 4.
i made a cute little dress card to post.
ok, so i need to get my cellphone charged and get the pics taken to post. i'll be back!
ciao for now!

22 June 2008

and the pay it forwardammy goes too...

it's a three way tie! sandra t., tiffany johnson, and shielalocks(sanela, you were chosen but you said to choose another name)! ladies, ladies, please contact me at bellasbooteeque@yahoo.com with your addresses so i can get your pay it forwardammys out to you! thank you for playing and remember now it's your turn to post on your blogs a pay it forward contest and choose three names from the posts! you can send something handmade or store bought or both~it doesn't matter just pay it forward!
pay it forwardammy sponsored by "love, pass it on" and "the truth" odds of winning depends on amount of entries. taxes for all prizes sole responsibility of winners. for a list of winners look at the top of this post.

19 June 2008

bella's petit gateaux is moving

ciao all! i've got some exciting news! my blog is moving! we're going over to typepad!
i wanted to let you all know and ask you all to post on this message if you'd like an invitation to the new site. it will be username and password protected. i plan on sharing things there, not for the general public and it will be mostly su!(though, as i mentioned before, not exclusively). so please let me know in a comment how you feel about the move and if you'd like to go with me to the new site! it will be bellas-petit-gateaux.typepad.com . thank you all for the great time i've had here on blogger. don't worry, i will finish posting the last of the atc's here as i complete them! and if you have a ctmh blog/site you'd like to be included as a link over there, please let me know(sanela, you're automatically going~hee hee, you have no choice(my other faves too :0)! thank you for your support!
abrazos grandes,

17 June 2008


ok, so it's a wordplay on "four"~but you get me! i'm done with number four of my 10 atc's!
here's the pic! yes, actually the little hanger is handmade by moi, from craft wire. the little price tag says "priceless". goodness, boy oh boy do you have to have good fine motor skills to write that small! lol! but somehow i managed. hee hee!
please, let me know what you think. i can't wait to hear what you have to say!
oh, just so you all know, when i'm done with the atc swap i will be posting posts that contain mostly stampin' up! products. but don't worry you'll still see an occasional post with ctmh stuff. i'll also have posts with other products like basic grey, making memories, daisy d's, etc.
let me know what you think! ttfn

will this do?

i'm finally making good on my promise, i'm posting pics of layouts!
i made this 2 page layout for a hostess club contest i entered(i still belong to another ctmh consultant's hostess club) a few months ago(no, i didn't win, but i didn't do anything to help myself win~i wasn't pleased with the pics i submitted so i didn't email everyone i know to go her website and vote for me~and it wasn't exactly "done" i staged it for the photos without adhesive just to get the entry in on time and some of the layout components moved).
well, i finished it today, so i'd have something to pacify you for a moment with layout cravings(you know i'm still working on the atc's and i have yet to start the cards for my card swap on the cropping chicks-ut) the title is "a little cat nap." it's kind of hard to tell that's what it says. of course i made it when i was a ctmh consultant so everything is ctmh. i got the layout recipe from cherish and it's on page 54 "interesting variation". i hope you like it! wait until you see what else i was down there "baking". thanks for looking. let me know what you think!

aw man!

i missed the moment when i could say "seven days"( in a whisper like the psycho lady in the ring/ringu) regarding the amount of time left to vote in my poll. i see almost all four of my readers have voted, lol! well, tell your friends! get some more votes on that thar poll! only five more days to vote!
so, i'm guessing(from the votes already) i am going to have to get some layouts on here before you 4 go elsewhere to read another silly girl's quirky blog. ok, i'm listening. you'll see some layouts soon, i pwomiss(hee hee don't you love to hear little kids say promise?)
ciao for now!

i guess i should wax more often and get braces, eh?

i didn't know i was looking like this! i rarely look at myself in the mirror before i go out. i just think, "well, i'm married already so who do i have to impress?!"
but my sister faizah sent me this pic on my cellphone the other day with this message:
please send me another picture of u. i don't like this one. Lol

hmmm...guess i better hold more workshops to make the $ to get to the aesthetician,eh?!
just poppin' in to say "good morning all"! i'll be back later. i was naughty last night~i cut out stamps instead of really "baking" anything. the only thing i made was an origami tie.
c u soon~well, later this afternoon!

16 June 2008

had to postpone "baking"

i had to postpone "baking more cupcakes" because i've had a lot of domestic duties to tend to this day, this morning, this afternoon, this evening~you get me!
i'll tell you, it's not easy being a household coo, consultant for crafting and blogger! hee hee! but somehow i manage. hee hee! it's like i get torn sometimes between doing the laundry, or working on projects to showcase at my workshops and card club classes, or "baking a cupcake" and posting it here for you~ all four of my adoring fans! hee hee!
so i'm heading down to my patisserie to get some things made so i can post them for you all to see "tomorrow"(well, i say tomorrow because though i may get it done and posted tonight, it'll for sure be after midnight~yes, i know, there i go "burnin' the midnight oil" again!)
ta ta for now!(well, if i always said "ciao for now" you'd get burnt out on that~so i kicked it up a notch~bam!)

we have a sphinx now!

naw, just kidding! it's actually miabella! millE thought she'd be so helpful to us by shaving her. well, she looks better than she did initially. i asked her who did she think she was? petco's groomer?! it was a nice gesture but i wish she would've asked me or bunny to help her because she cut mia a lot of places.
i mean we usually shave her for the summer so she won't be so miserable~maine coons have a lot, a lot, aaa loootttt of fur! i'm sure bunny is happy summer is here so we could shave her so he could quit his bellyaching over "cat hair on my suits". which is a thing of the past since we've moved. he can be such a drama king sometimes.
anyway, i hope you're all doing good today/this evening! i'll be back later on to post some pics of some more "cupcakes"!
thanks for stopping by!

15 June 2008

happy father's day

ciao all! i hope you've had a great father's day! i will be back tomorrow~took the day off from blogging! have a great evening!

14 June 2008

father's day is tomorrow 15 june 2008

yes, i remembered to work on some father's day stuff too! here are two origami shirts i made last night. they're both made from the papers in the ctmh silhouette creative basics paper pack. let me know what you think!

another down, 7 more to go!

yep, i was at it again last night! i baked another little atc card for the swap. i was a little naughty~i sent one i'd already made to sanela as her second place prize for my blog candy contest. wellll...she loved the little one with the cupcake on it and i thought it would make her smile and at least i knew what might make a good "prize" for her since she didn't win the purse/box(the box i had to send parcel post to amanda because it was so freakin' heavy! i hope you'll get it soon amanda)
ok, so i've been thinking a lot about wishes lately. especially after watching oprah's secret behind the secret show(at least that's what i called it) replay on thursday. i am making a conscious effort to think more positively of myself and to give myself some daily affirmations so the universe will keep positivity in my life. one positively great thing~i have a very sweet friend named sanela! she has promised that when she makes it to utah we'll eat european chocolates together and i'll bake literal and figurative cupcakes and we'll scrap and make cards! doesn't that just sound dreamy? being agoraphobic has been tough~but i'm working on my anxiety and it's going good this weekend. that's why this blog is so important to me. oh, to get back on the subject of wishes~ that show was the inspiration for this atc!
thanks for looking! let me know what you think!

that's what you get for thinking

i know what you were thinking~"where's bella? she usually posts by now.it's the afternoon already! is she going to post today?!" i know, you thought you weren't going to hear from me today!
well, i'mmmm heeerrre!
so let me tell you what i've been up to. first i haven't been able to sleep very well. i've been staying up until dawn for the past few nights but last night was the first night i actually got some things "baked". the majority of my time has been spent online trying to sell my ctmh stuff that i can part with(my bogo sale i thought up) so i can make a little extra money to get the su! stuff i'd like to showcase at my first workshop on the 24th.
soooo, i bet you want to see what i worked on last night. well, take a look at the next couple of posts. as always, thanks for reading/looking. i appreciate your support! ciao for now!

13 June 2008

pay it forward contest

uh oh! looks like i won a contest on sanela's secret spot! i didn't think i'd win, i just wanted to post how i love sanela and her blog. but i did win, so i believe it's my turn to keep it going. i'll have millE pick the winners on friday 20 june 2008. so please post a comment on this post and you'll be entered. i believe you're supposed to have a blog and a way i can contact you if you win. good luck!
we should all do our part to "pay it forward"! thanks for playing!

12 June 2008

ok, ok, i'm going!

yeah, yeah i know what you're saying~"quit posting pics of your 'lovely days' and get to posting pics of some of your 'cupcakes' we need some inspiration!" so ok, ok, i'm going down to my patisserie to bake up some kewl things to post.
sorry, with bunny off for the past couple of days, i didn't really feel like "baking cupcakes"~just spending time with him and getting errands done because i would be able to use the car. right now this is what is on my plate: 1. father's day cards(i need to get like 8 origami shirts folded for those or re-think cards for each fella on my list. 2. 13 criss cross cards for my swap with the cropping chicks-ut group 3. 8 more atc's for the swap. 4. some bella cards for my own happiness! and 5. finish emerson's brag book so i can get that mailed off too! so we'll see what i get done~at least my cellphone is charged up so whatever i get done i can take pics of! hasta manana!

one touch...(part deux)

here are the pics of the gorgeous red mountains in southern utah~round about the dixie part of st. george, utah. when i thought we were moving back to california for good(nice try i guess, hee hee!) i made bunny stop and let me gather some red dirt to keep for my scrapbook. well, recently, as i was unpacking our boxes from the storage in california, i found that box of dirt! i'll still hold onto it. maybe we'll move to oregon or somewhere some day or even back to california when real estate becomes reasonable again(wishful thinking, eh?) thanks for looking!

one touch...(part un)

one touch from nature
makes the whole world kin~William Shakepeare
ciao all! here are the pics i promised of my day yesterday. the pics are of the wasatch mountains(at least that's what bunny told me! hee hee!). i thought it would be so nice to capture pics of how lovely it looked outside~even with the clouds~so i snapped these pics with my cellphone. i just absolutely love the scenery in utah. the other day while i was out running errands and traveling along I-15 a familiar scent wafted through the windows into the car. there is a flower here that gets picked up by the breeze and its scent is reminiscent of cherry pixie stix! ahh, the nostalgia of childhood! i always love when the smells of spring/summer fill the air(utah has a lot of flowers/trees that grow in california~my true home, my love forever! boy oh boy do i miss the beach!)! i'll be posting the other pics, i took over the weekend in southern utah, in part deux! thanks for looking!

how many of you can't "weight" any longer

my dear sister (girlfriend) jenn is working on her own person weight loss. me and a couple of our other friends have committed to giving her support and encouragement. i'm asking all of you to visit her blog and just post a positive comment to increase support for her. her blog is available at skinnierjennchallenge . please stop by and give her some good cheerleading! and if you have something special going on in your life, please post a comment here so i can round up the gals and get you some support too! muchas gracias por todo!

11 June 2008


that's marlon brando in "a cupcake named desire" calling out my name! hee hee!
i just had to share that i got my bellas today! woohoo! i'm soooo stoked! i'm off to my patisserie to "bake" up something kewl to post! hope you all had a lovely day~i have pics to post from mine! i'll post pics manana, i want to get to know my bellas for right now! hee hee! c u all tomorrow!

uh oh!

uh oh! lol! i just realized i didn't post anything yesterday! i fixed my playlist to 100 songs but neglected to post anything! well, mostly i just ran errands and tended my friend's little girls. i didn't really get down to my patisserie to "bake" anything to post. i'll be back this evening. ta ta for now!

09 June 2008


i have to tell you something new and exciting, well for me anyway! my friend christie and i belong to a scrapbooking related yahoo group and one day last week she and i were talking on the phone and she suggested that i hostess a card swap for our group. well, i presented it to the group and they accepted it! so i'm going to hostess a card swap! i'm so excited, after all these years i finally have an opportunity to hostess a card swap! it's going to be a 9/9 or 10/10 swap. i made the due date after 1 august so i can get my atc's all done and mailed and still have time to work on my cards for that swap. i'm really excited! i'll let you all know how it goes! and of course i'll post the cards i'm "baking"! thanks for reading!

just for you tiffany

as i stated in my "ciao for now" post, i do not have anything negative to say against ctmh. i've left with positive thoughts and feelings toward ctmh. it's for me, target. when for my family's needs i need a super target! i read and re-read the consultant manual but for some reason some parts just kept escaping me.
let me take you back to the time i realized my options with ctmh were not as plentiful as i thought. i was on the consultant website perusing the bulletin boards and i came across a post in the artwork bb regarding ctmh consultant blogs and i'm like "hmm...that's a good idea. i just started one. i'll check that post out..." i read the posts and picked up links to a lot of ctmh sisters' blogs and/or websites and i was pretty stoked about that. then i read a couple of posts that highlighted the rules of ctmh (like i said that i obviously didn't read correctly) and my mouth fell open and my heart fell out! i didn't know all of the restrictions on blogs and websites and the angel policy and selling your handmade cards, etc. my hubby had just mentioned to me that he wanted me to stop giving my cards away for free and sell them. i felt stuck~i'm not going to do craft fairs until the fall/winter. i have things i'd like to make and sell now and i'd like to be able to post them on my blog. i'd like to be able to link to my website. there are a lot of things that you can get at super target that you can't get at target. see my point? the rules that su! has about online auction sites are valid and i wouldn't want to break those. with su! i'm able to create kits and sell them anywhere! i'm able to have a blog and talk about my workshops/classes and costs and everything else. i can link to my website too!
i hated to leave ctmh but i just needed
the extra freedom that su! allows its demonstrators to have. so, like i said, they're both great companies with fabulous products~one is just a better fit for my family's needs. i'm still in a hostess club, so i won't miss much~just the discount lol! i'll have to pay full price now! lol!
soooo there's your loooong story tiffany!

08 June 2008

and the candy goes too...

amanda jenks! amanda jenks is the grand prize winner(taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner~lol!) and our second place winner is sanela kubiak! ladies, as soon as i receive your addresses, i will mail out your "prizes"! congratulations and thanks for playing bella's petit gateaux blog candy challenge(sponsored by bella's patisserie)!

i'm baaaack!

ciao all! i've made it home from las vegas! fun times! it was grrrreat! i had a totally kewl time! we're getting ready to hold the drawing so stay tuned!

06 June 2008

feliz fin de semana

ciao all! i'm getting ready to leave for las vegas! i wanted to thank you all for your comments! you give me the motivation to keep doing my blog~all four of you, that seem to read it~lol! i will be back on sunday, so you'll hear from me on sunday evening with the winners of the blog candy contest! good luck to all entrants! you will see i posted everyone's answers on the blog candy contest post. tiffany, i will answer your su! question when i get back into town~it's a looooong story and about more than just the angel policy. you'd be happy to know i almost have 5 atc's done now! the other two are works in progress. i'm sure i'll get some inspiration in vegas to make up new ones! have a lovely weekend all! ciao for now!

05 June 2008

dum, dum,dee, dum~here comes the bride

ciao all! just a quick note that i may only be posting today through tomorrow morning until saturday night or sunday. ty and skyy's wedding is saturday~so tomorrow afternoon i'll be going down to vegas for that! i wish i could post from my cellphone, but alas i can't! maybe some of you will miss me (hee hee :0)! i'll be posting the winners on sunday and i'll also post the answers, that everyone gave for the blog candy contest that ends on saturday, tomorrow! i'm off to try to "bake a cupcake" i've had going around in my mind for the past day! if it works, i'll post a pic! have a lovely afternoon!
ciao for now!

good morning, good morning, good morning to you

our day is beginning there's so much to do. so good morning, good morning, good morning to you! i love that song by greg and steve ! i used to sing that every morning with my class when i was a teacher~that was once upon a time ago, though.
it's a lovely day, though it's snraining(my word for when it snows and rains). i love the fresh smell that comes after a good snrain! as i'm waiting for good things utah to come on, i thought i'd sit and write a bit on my little blog and wish you all a good morning. i will see you all later on this afternoon(after passions :0)! ciao for now!

04 June 2008

ciao for now

ciao ctmh sisters (and brothers too) i just wanted to let you all know that i have given my resignation to the corporate office. i will no longer be an independent consultant for close to my heart. though i won't be an official ctmh sister any longer, i will still continue to support all of your blogs! once family, always family~right?!
i didn't resign because of anything being wrong with close to my heart. it's a great company! well, you all know that! it's just for personal family circumstances i've just decided to be an independent demonstrator for stampin up!. the only difference, to me, between close to my heart and stampin up! is the difference between walmart and a walmart supercenter. they're both great stores it's just that you can just get a little bit more at one than the other. i wish you all continued success with ctmh! keep your eye out for my comments on your blogs! have a lovely rest of the week! ciao for now!

WARNING! i'm about to get really catty...

my goodness, i just love having a new little one in the house! i just love this little blue-eyed kitty! he is soooo spunky! he's totally not bigger than a minute but he acts as if he's one of sigfried and roy's large white tigers! my true blessing is he is soooo good about making it downstairs to the "kitterbox"! whoohoo! potty training took all of about 5 minutes! he's just so stinkin' cute! he seems to be absolutely fearless too! he jumps down from any height! he's got determination too~i watched him try to jump up on our mattress and climb up on our bed for like 10 minutes yesterday~he didn't give up until he jumped on his paper ball and then became more interested in playing with that than getting up on our bed. lol! oh my gosh, his little purr is like a small harley davidson! you'll be wrapped around his little paw once you hear it! that's my little "grandson" hee hee!
funny story(well, to me anyway~ hee hee). yesterday millE decided she wanted to go out with her friend angelle. so angelle arrives and millE runs down the stairs "bye mom, c u later, love you!" she calls out as she's running out. well, i waited like five minutes then i called her on her cellphone and i'm like:
'hi mom'
"did you forget something?"
'did i forget something?'
"uh, yeah, like your kid"
'mooommm, i didn't forget him'
"well, you didn't ask me to babysit. you should have taken him with you. that's what you get for being a single mom! it's hard getting a babysitter"
'uh, mom, he's asleep i don't have to worry about a babysitter. he knows how to use the litter box and get his own food and water!'
"so what about when he wakes up?! who's going to watch him around mia and memphis?"
'uh, mooommm!...'
"i'm just kidding honE, have fun! i love you! ciao for now"
'love you too mom, ciao!'
i mean, hey, she's so eager to say she's bizhan's mommy~well, take care of your child! hee! hee! i'm grandma~i don't have to be responsible for him, you're the mom! this has been so fun(ny) and so cute trying to teach her a lesson about being responsible for someone or something other than oneself. she thinks she's so big! "in 45 days i'll be a teenager!" she started saying the other day. i'm thinking 'ok, miss firecracker don't remind me(she's a 4th of july baby)!' well, i think twelve borderline thirteen is the perfect time to take care of your own pet. i believe learning to be responsible for someone/something other than yourself at an early age is the best thing for a person(but she better not have human children to be responsible for as a teenager! we're not planning on being true grandparents until she's out of college and married for a few years!).
well, an update on our pride~they're all getting along so well now! scar has calmed down into being nala more often with young simba and sarobi is her usual cool self with everyone. i couldn't be happier to have my little pride living in peace and harmony! well, i'll try to post more later. it's time for scrapbook memories tv!
ciao for now!

vote or die!

remember when hollywood had that movement during the election period before bush's second term? i wonder how many people actually died after not voting~lol! well, now that i've gotten your attention i wanted to ask you to please vote in my latest poll. i don't want to keep posting tips if no one is interested in them or their frequency. if you'll look on the left hand side of the posts you'll see the poll. please vote and thanks for your support(remember that old bartyles and james slogan?hee hee)!

03 June 2008

atc 3

yippee, i have 3 out of 10 done! i'm well on my way now! i hope you like the other two. i'm not totally fond of the one with the flourish(or atc 3, as i refer to it), but bunny says it looks good. so i'll go with that. thanks for looking! hope to be back on this evening! ciao for now!

some of you have a blog candy sweet tooth...

know how i know? because you've taken the challenge and participated in my contest! one answer, i don't think anyone has quite found it, it will be another freebie. millE just finished 7th grade. it was a very slight mention when i said i had to finish thank you cards for her teachers. but, wow! i'm like totally stoked that people are actually interested in my little blog and are entering my contest! just so you know, none of the comments are being published until saturday~that way no one feels that someone cheated of their sheet. :0)
ok, so now i'm going to go take pics of the other two atc's so i can get those posted today! ttys
ciao for now!

top o' the mornin' to ya!

wow, have i been up early! i awakened around 0430 with the worst tummyache! the acid reflux is getting worse~it's waking me up now! so i've been busy, busy, busy. i even made bunny and millE homemade turkey sausage from scratch this morning! i feel like i'm in the army~i've done more before 0930 than most people do all day!(hee hee)
i've got lots more to get done, but stay tuned for pics of the other two atc's i've completed! yippee! only 7 more to go!
ciao for now!

02 June 2008

porn for women

aha! got your attention didn't i?! well, it's not what you might think! it's actually good porn, really good porn for women only! when i saw a segment, on good things utah, about this i thought 'did nicea just say what i think she said?' then i googled the name of the women's group (cambridge women's pornography cooperative) that spearheaded the porn for women movement and i found the website and i laughed so hard! there are a lot of things on that site that get me excited! after some of you post your comments after going to the site, i'll tell you how bunny measures up(oopsies, no pun intended there)to other hubbies. so you're going to have to go the site porn for women and see for yourself! heck, they even have porn for new moms! check it out!


p.s. the quiz said i have bunny wrapped around my finger~first thing that came to my mind was the song by sting and the police ("i'll be wrapped around your finger, finger..."). and a high percentage of women that took the quiz have their hubbies wrapped around their fingers too!lol! i appreciate it, but i don't abuse it(though he does call me a stinkin' brat sometimes!! :0)

something smells fishy

i wish they had altoids for cats! miabella's breath is like way too much for me! i should invent some catoids or something! lol! now watch, i'll be like that guy on the patent commercial ("snap your fingers to turn on a light, i thought of that, shoulda got a patent"). someone will come out with curiously strong breath mints for cats! and i'll say to myself, "hey, i thought of that! shoulda got a patent!"rofl! "curious of that fishy smell? you need catoids the curiously strong breath mints for cats..." i'll tell you my curiosity just about killed me when i got a whiff of her breath! eek! yuck! totally grodie! like oh my gahhhhd! i think i'm only going to purchase chicken or beef food for them. better yet i want to find a vegan cat food, maybe it will have mint , parsley and other herbs in it and her breath will be swwweeeet! oh, well, i can dream can't i?(hopefully in her next 8 lives she'll have catoids)
well, ciao for now, have a lovely afternoon! i'm off to a dr. appt. hope to get a chance to post this evening!

have a blog candy sweet tooth?

well, here it is! this will be my first ever blog candy contest. i hope it goes over well! it's a trivia type, but don't worry the answers are totally easy because you can find them in my various posts since my launch on 28 april 2008. i know there's only one candy that satisfies you but i hope my blog candy will come close to a snickers! ;0) this little purse is full of goodies from~ctmh, making memories, and other popular scrapbooking companies. brass embossing plates, metallic snaps, and a circle tin accordion album are just a few of the goodies packed inside! i hope the winner will be satisfied!
i will place all correct entries into a hat and millE's computerized arm will randomly select two winners. then between the two one will be chosen(after shaking the hat up and the computerized arm selects one :0) and that will be the grand prize winner! the second place winner will receive a small thank you card and gift! good luck! psst...everyone gets #9 right! please do not forget to have your profile or email available so i can contact you to mail you your prize if you're one of the winners! all entries must be received by saturday, 6 june 2008, 1300 mst(jk about the time~hee hee) please enter by sat., though.

ok so here goes:

1. how many cats do we have and what are their names?
2. what's my favorite color?
3. what date do i expect to receive my bellas?
4. what's the title of any one of my "excuses" posts?
5. what grade did my daughter(millE) just finish?
6. what's the little prince's name?
7. where did i get the inspiration for my blog's name?
8. what was in the peekaboo box i gave skyy for her wedding?
9. what is something interesting you read in my profile?
10. why did i make the "pretty in pink" card?

01 June 2008

soooo....what do you think so far?

ciao all, maybe you've noticed bella's petit gateaux had a facelift(i think it makes me look younger~hee hee)! what do you think? let me know. oh, and, please vote in my poll regarding the tip of the day. i'd really like to know if they're helpful or not! grazie mille!

1 down! 9 more to go!

ciao all! take a look at my first atc i baked last night for the swap i'm in! it incorporates a lot of my favorites~pink, fairies, butterflies, cupcakes and glitter(aka~fairy dust)! again, i'm nervous, i hope these will be consultant quality enough. let me know what you think!
thanks for looking!

lovely day, lovely day, it's gonna be a...

lovely day! oh my goodness! so many things take my breath away(the biggest one is bunny~i'm so blessed to have a loving and gorgeous(like totally hotter than a gq model) hubby)!
yesterday, millE and i went out to run errands. we had to stop at the p.o. to mail packages and letters. then we went to roberts and guess what?! they had quickutz dies for 50% off! so i bought a couple of those along with some very beautiful paper so i can make some boxes to put cards in and i also picked up another adhesive runner. i'm behind on scrapbooking for us because i spend the majority of my baking time creating "cardcakes" and other gifts. i look at other ctmh sister sig lines on the consultant bulletin board with how many scrapbooking layouts they have as a goal and how many they have completed and the same with card goals and i'm like~"wow! i will aspire to that when i get more energy!" lol!

alert~off on another tangent here: i'm so bad, i've been scrapbooking with major commercial stuff(not my own little construction paper and magazine cutout scrapbooking i did as a child and teenager but actually d.o.t.s. and creative memories) since like 1994/1995/1996 when i discovered my beautiful bun was in the oven. and pretty much all i have scrapbooked for her are her ultrasound pictures~lol! that's bad, i know. worse yet i have roll upon roll of film, undeveloped and like over 13 years old! i think i'm going to go for it one of these days with one of those discount photo places and try to get them developed. i once heard "they grow up fast, don't let your kids stay as jpegs" well, what about "kids grow up fast, don't let them remain rolls of film"! in my case, lol!)
so after we left roberts we went over to the walmart supercenter(roberts and walmart are in the same strip mall) to pick up some things. we bought bunny an early father's day ~ a new smoothie maker. so he won't keep wearing out the blender! it's funny because we picked up more cat food, not knowing we'd have a new little one later that evening, even though they're not out of food yet(hmmm...could i be a tadbit clairvoyant? if it happens again i'll call dionne warwick and ask for a job on her psychic friends network! rofl :0) we also picked up some things to make dinner complete.

alert, another tangent: i made b'sghetti(don't you still love the cutesy words your kids say/said?) with meatballs(gianinni, don't worry they were turkey~i know you're reading this and thinking i'm still on my red meat kick but i actually used ground turkey this time! oh and i also baked the meatballs) and garlic cheese bread~hmm...we were so hungry i neglected to fix veggies with dinner. we did get a serving of fruit through the pom juice, though(and we had fruity push-ups for dessert)! i didn't feel like eating b'sghetti, so i made myself a meatball marinara hoagie.
while at walmart, i also picked up a neutrogena wave(pink of course)! my skin truly does feel "softer after only one use"! wow, i suppose there is some truth in advertising!

oh, wait, so the point of this post was to mention how much of a lovely day it was yesterday. while driving through east layton the view of the mountains took my breath away so i had millE snap a couple of shots( we were trying to get to highway 89 to get to clearfield to get to i-15 to get to clinton to get to the roberts and walmart). you can totally still see the snow on some of the peaks! snowbird resort is staying open until father's day this year because of the recent snow we received~imagine that, snow skiing in june!(is that because of el nino or la nina? hee hee)
so i guess that was my roundabout way of getting to the point of what a lovely day it was yesterday!
ok, ciao for now!