24 June 2011

atc's up the wazoo and got my mojo workin'

hee hee(love johnny winter...got my mojo workin')
atc's up the wazoo! yep that's what i'm going to have for the next few weeks as i work on creating atc's to fill my new(well it's still new... eventhough i bought it last year hee hee) 7 gypsies atc printer's tray. i was thinking of spreading it out for twelve weeks. you know, like one atc per week, but then i decided to create two per week and make it around six weeks. hmm...well it all depends on my energy and if my mojo keeps workin' hee hee! i'm sure as long as i don't overdo it, i'll be fine and stay on schedule. in my excitement to get back into crafting i have to be mindful not to get ahead of myself and overwhelm myself and cause me to be stuck in bed tic'ing and spas'ing hee hee. i know because i've set myself back already a few times because of my being overzealous and crafting all day and night. but baby i'm back!
ok, so take a look at the first two:
i'm thinking the theme of this tray will be love, amor, amour, amoré! i believe these two are not too shabby (but pretty shabby chic hee hee)! please let me know what you think.
thanks for stopping by. i appreciate your support!
abrazos y amor,

tgifacebook friday

    thfif! ciao, amigas y familia! it's friday! yay! what a week!
ok, let's see what happened this week:
   omg! it was the final week of school for mills. she's a junior now! we celebrated by having pan pizza from pizza hut. it was yummylicious! oats and i created our own 3 topping pizza(pineapple, onions, and sausage) and mills opted for "just pepperoni". they still have that $10 any pizza carry-out deal. it was a lovely family dinner. but of course most of her dinner chatter revolved around her sweet sixteen on the fourth of july. yep, miss firecracker will be 16 on the 4th. omg! where does the time go?! she's so beautiful, i'm chuffed to bits to be her corny lil mum!
    this week i also worked on "acuestate' (lie down) with cochobhar-versace. he is still a little stubborn with it, but he's totally got it in spanish and english now. boy oh boy does he wish he was pack leader!
   i started working on a new six week project. well it may take less, it may take more, it depends.  last year when i was out in salt lake for su! convention i stopped by heartland paper co. and bought an atc printer's tray. so i'm finally working on atc's to fill it. look for an upcoming post regarding this project. it'll more than likely be showcased on my yahoo group.
  speaking of my yahoo group, working on getting that going.  i finally have another camera after the unfortunate mishap with the one my dear cielodiamante gave to me last year. so i'll be creating kits and tutorials more often for the group. some for free, some for purchase. it's going to be a lovely shabby chic stampin' boutique once i get going. my lovely partner in that group, anna, will be working on the anna side of annabella's lol! she'll be on vacation for a while so i'll be getting things all spruced up so we can have our grand opening upon her return. i'll have a button on my blogs so you can click and join from them.
   also started working on some jewelry for my other venture with sanela. you'll learn more about that, as well, at a later date. it's going to be so fun! i'm totally excited to have two very lovely partners for some fun and creative ventures!
   had a very lovely father's day. just relaxed and rested, called all the dads i love/emailed them, as well as doted on oats. he said i made the day very special for him. so what more can one ask for? we all had a hand in dinner for the evening(i prepared 3-meat meatloaf, turmeric fried chicken tenderloins, and funeral potatoes.oats made the swiss chard and mills made a fruit salad as well as a green salad)totally yummylicious! we were all pretty well stuffed afterwards lol!

   this weekend i will be going through the storage stuff and either storing what won't be used for a while or putting things out for charity or a yard sale if i won't be using them ever. i'll be unpacking and getting my stamping and crafting studio all set up. but i'll take it easy. i've been having some dystonic tics this week, so i won't overdo it. slowly but surely, piece by piece, eh?
   oh, hee hee, so what exactly is facebook friday? well, it's where i'll take time to blog about my week so it can update my facebook. i want to let my friends and family know how much i love and miss them on a weekly basis and how things are going with us. so i came up with facebook friday. it'll also update my twitter so my friends/family that tweet but aren't on facebook can see how things are going and know i'm thinking of them as well. so that's about it.
    ok so what else happened this week? well, i took a blast to the past(i fell off the roof this week, so all i wanted to do was lie in bed and get over the pain incident to falling off the roof hee hee. bless the lord for multi-symptom pamprin)! got to see "jem" again on  hub, "in living color" on sí tv(nuvo after 4 july 2011), and watched "totally 80's" on vh1(i soooo miss duran duran). i miss those days! the days of the cosby show, facts of life, the days when girls actually wore clothes in videos(and were still considered "hot" and "sexy"), musicians played real instruments, and all the concerts were worth the money! i suppose that's what nostalgia is for, eh? ah well...one can daydream about days of yesteryear. i guess that's why i love "robot chicken" much!

   i hope you all will have an enjoyable weekend. i truly appreciate your support and thanks for stopping by!
abrazos y amor,

10 June 2011

i know it's a little late but...

happy mother's day! lol, yeah i know, it's like almost father's day! hee hee! well unfortunately shortly after mother's day i got caught in the eye of my most recent dystonic storm so i wasn't able to start blogging again around that time(bless heavenly father i came out of it today).

i did have a rather fabulous mother's day though! it started off with a lovely breakfast in bed. i was treated to my favorite french toast with lots of butter and syrup and delicious and crispy bacon. mills made me a sweet card. i was very pleasantly surprised by the all of the lovely things that occurred at the beginning of my sixteenth mother's day. in the evening i went down to micky spillane's mike hammer's old hangout the redwood bar and grill

in los angeles to enjoy a night of interesting cuisine(a grilled cheese with avocado, caramelized onions, and arugula accompanied by sweet potato french fries and a deliciously sweet version of fry sauce~interesting but fab-u-lous!) and kick arse music!

i saw the billy bones! i'm really keen on the sax player. omg is he hot(lol, yeah, ok well yes bad otis is my main squeeze hee hee)! i'm partial to hearing him play but don't get me wrong all of the guys are equally talented and just fabulous musicians!  they're all so kind to me and have welcomed me into the billy bones family and billy is just the greatest guy!

then after that fabulous set we saw the sweet little guys of prima donna. talk about sweet boys they are just so nice. very great music, too!

then we caught a couple of songs of eddie and the hotrods' set (they were the headliner). they were brilliant as well! 

so it was a fabulous end to a very lovely day! but boy oh boy did i have trouble trying to hear the next day lol! it was worth it though, all the bands put on brilliant shows ! i hope your mother's day was equally as fabulous! t hanks for stopping by. see ya on father's day!
abrazos y amor, 

04 June 2011

it's a new dawn, it's a new day...and i'm feelin' gooood!

yes, i totally can hear nina simone, muse, and jennifer hudson's renditions in my head! i'm feeling good!
ok, well technically i'm in a dystonic storm and i have a migraine but aside from those small technicalities, i'm feeling great! there have been so many wonderful new things to enhance my life over the past year!
i have a new blog(the Original Creative fairystampin'mother). i'm going to be actively working on it once i join stampin' up! again.
i have a new baby! his name is cochobhar-versace(connor-versace). he's my new red merle miniature australian shepherd i adopted from hillman's aussies in idaho. he will eventually be my service dog! he's a hoot and a howl(er)(especially during crate training rofl!) and i just adore him!

i also have another new man in my life but you can learn about him later. he's fabulous and i just love and adore him, too!
i know, it's been a long hiatus for me from the web, crafting, stamping, anything. i've struggled a lot with my dystonia over the past year but i'm excited and happy that i have overcome so much from my move from utah back home to california to my divorce and everything in between!
i live in orange county, california now so it totally rocks to be near the ocean again! i certainly missed that part of san diego when we moved out to utah over a decade ago! that's the part of my california heritage i have never lost! the great salt lake was lovely but i looooove the ocean! soon we'll be taking cochobhar-versace to the beach but i've been waiting because he hasn't finished his series of puppy shots. you all know how deeply saddened i was by the death of my dear carmelita, through parvo, last year. so i am taking no risks with cochobhar-versace. i love my neighborhood, it's so calm and lovely. we have fabulous neighbors but i have to admit, i miss my friends and family in utah terribly. it was good to see them in april when we drove up to pick up cochobhar-versace. it was too short of a visit, though.
so as energy and strength allow me, i'll be around. slowly but surely i'll be working on stuff and posting. i've missed you all terribly! happy new year!
abrazos y amor,