29 July 2011

tgifacebook friday!

ciao, amigas! how was your week?!
mine? it was fabulous! i rested a lot this week so i can continue to pace myself with getting my fairystampinmother headquarters, oka my stampin' and craftin' studio, all set up! so other than some tough boxing matches with allergies(bless the lord for benadryl otherwise i would have been tko'd hee hee) i've just been resting this week! still working on stretching and meditating daily also. but, there is a fabulous thing i have to report this week.....
i am a stampin' up! demonstrator now! yep, i joined today! i'm so stoked! i absolutely adore stampin' up! and i'm so happy to be a new demonstrator! so bolo for some things i plan to create when i receive my starter kit! i'm so excited and i just can't hide it!(yeah can't you hear the pointer sisters singing, too?! hee hee)
so that's about it, girlfriends! thanks for stopping by, amigas! have a fabulous weekend!
abrazos y amor,

26 July 2011

oops my mistake monday on tuesday

ciao, amigas! how was your week!? mine was exhausting but oh so fabulous! let's recap what happened last week:

on monday~my dear hermanita arrived in the o.c. with emerson ("the little prince").

on tuesday~we had a visit with my dear sister and emerson.because she was pregnant with him the last time i was able to visit
california from utah, this was the first time i've visited with him
since he was born. being on a limited income i was just never able to come over from utah to see him after he was born. omg! he's even more beautiful in person! he's so funny and very articulate for a 3 year old. yes, i got pictures of us together!

                 ~cochobhar-versace turned five months old. guess what his birthday present was! he was neutered! lol! i know, i know, some present eh?! lol! well, it's for the best and as with all of my children i only want the best for him! lol!

there's a pic attached (he's so stinkin' cute and rockin' that elizabethan collar, don'tcha think? lol)

cochobhar-versace5monthsrockincollar.jpg                  ~i had a visit with my own dr. and i was relieved that the problem i was having with my left arm was not related to my heart. simply a pinched nerve or cervical radiculopathy. he told me to carefully do some stretches. so i'm sure it'll be cured with a little yoga.
                 ~otis made the best chili dogs i've had thus far! omg! so yummylicious!

on wednesday~we spent the day with my sister and emE again. after a quick trip to the 99 cent store, we spent the day having fun in the shade at a park near my home. so much fun! emE is too funny! we were watching him play for a while and he met a few "friends" there(two jr. high girls and their little brother) my sister asked him if he wanted to go play on the tire swing. he immediately walked over to the picnic table where the other children were and asked the one girl(he was obviously sweet on her lol) "do you want to go ride the tire swing?" it was so stinkin' cute and funny! it was a truly lovely and fun day. once we arrived back at my house i let him choose all of the books he'd like from my collection. i think he loves books almost as much as i do! he got so excited when i let him have my copy of "if you give a mouse a cookie". my house was a goldmine for him because i still have hundreds of ece books from my days as an ece educator. i love when children's faces light up when they're given books!

on thursday~a total day of rest for and the day mills left with my sister to spend the weekend together in slo.

on friday~ohmmmm breathe inhale....exhale....ahhhh. i had a fabulous and relaxing massage from my most favorite massage therapist, jason miller, of community well massage. he works out of my fave spa~the loft on broadway. between the pinched nerve and the tension from my tics last week, i sooo needed that massage and you want to know the best part?! it was complimentary because i earned it as a customer reward for being a loyal client of the loft on broadway! i love that place! they treat me like family and tami has the most brilliant artists/stylist/estheticians/etc. working there!you may recognize them in long beach, california from a show on bravo~tabatha's salon takeover.

so, that's pretty much it! i had a lovely week. still working on my studio and unpacking all of my stuff and putting everything in its place. it's a process, piece by piece just like eating an elephant(though i don't think i'd want to actually eat one hee hee)! feliz fin de semana, amigas! thanks for stopping by!
abrazos y amor,
p.s. this was my first typepad blog post through email. woohoo, i did!(i can hear dora cheering me on lol)

18 July 2011

my mistake monday

hee hee! i came up with that when i realized i neglected to post my facebook friday post.
i had a rather lovely week, last week! so let's re-cap what happened:

worked with cochobhar-versace on the commands~ "vaya dormir" where he goes in his kennel and stays until i ask him to come out and "espera" where he waits for me in my bedroom w/o whining when i leave to go to the kitchen for a drink. it's coming along very well. he's so smart! here's a pic of his cute little self. i call him "puppy chulo" rofl. doesn't it look like he's trying to give besos in this pic?! rofl. he's a loverboy! he loves attention from everyone!
  Odie's camera 025

monday, i decided i want a nook color instead of an ipad2. i mean other than a camera, the nook has just about everything an ipad2 w/wifi has! so that's on my wish list~the nook color with a pink cover of course! but i'm also thinking of using some of my stampin' up! fabric to sew one! i think it'd be sew fun and i think i could make something sew stinkin' cute!

friday, we had a lovely visit from mom. it was really nice to catch up. she taught me how to play mahjong on her little netbook. what a fun game! who knew?! i may be hooked, i'm looking to see if it's included in my vista games! we had fun hanging out and chatting while i prepared dinner. but alas, traffic died down and mom had to leave. we plan to get together again on the 29th. can't wait!
so, that's pretty much it. i rested most of the week because i had some mild tics early on in the week. thanks for stopping by and catching up with me!

abrazos y amor,

04 July 2011

happy 4th of july birthday! two celebrations, one card hee hee

all mds images (c)stampin' up! 1988-2011
i just wanted to wish a very sweet sixteenth birthday to my lovely little baby, mills and a happy 235th to my dear country tis of me, sweet land of liberty! i'd also like to wish all of my family and amigas a very happy fourth of july! enjoy your holiday!
abrazos y amor,

03 July 2011

i took it ALL off

   hee hee it's about my new haircut. omg, it's buzzed off! ok, so i've finally taken a moment to show you a couple of pics of my new haircut. it's so freeing! omg! talk about a weight lifted off of my shoulders (hee hee i love being punny). yes, when i initially got my hair cut it was shoulder length.  omg! you have no idea, i lost a lot of weight when i cut all of my hair off! it's so much better now because my headaches aren't as bad.  it's like one never thinks about how much her hair weighs until she has a substantial amount cut off and then you feel lightheaded hee hee! it's so freeing(yes, i know, i've said it before but i had to say it again) and i love that i can just wear it curly or have mills flat iron it for me when i need it to be straight.it's great! and like i said, 'it's hair, it'll grow back!'
   marinello rocks! muchas gracias, veronica! she was scared but i believe she did an excellent job! she couldn't believe i wanted so much cut off and the back totally buzzed. lol!
  Bella's haircut 1
Bella's haircut 2
let me know what you think. thanks for stopping by!
abrazos y amor,