10 June 2011

i know it's a little late but...

happy mother's day! lol, yeah i know, it's like almost father's day! hee hee! well unfortunately shortly after mother's day i got caught in the eye of my most recent dystonic storm so i wasn't able to start blogging again around that time(bless heavenly father i came out of it today).

i did have a rather fabulous mother's day though! it started off with a lovely breakfast in bed. i was treated to my favorite french toast with lots of butter and syrup and delicious and crispy bacon. mills made me a sweet card. i was very pleasantly surprised by the all of the lovely things that occurred at the beginning of my sixteenth mother's day. in the evening i went down to micky spillane's mike hammer's old hangout the redwood bar and grill

in los angeles to enjoy a night of interesting cuisine(a grilled cheese with avocado, caramelized onions, and arugula accompanied by sweet potato french fries and a deliciously sweet version of fry sauce~interesting but fab-u-lous!) and kick arse music!

i saw the billy bones! i'm really keen on the sax player. omg is he hot(lol, yeah, ok well yes bad otis is my main squeeze hee hee)! i'm partial to hearing him play but don't get me wrong all of the guys are equally talented and just fabulous musicians!  they're all so kind to me and have welcomed me into the billy bones family and billy is just the greatest guy!

then after that fabulous set we saw the sweet little guys of prima donna. talk about sweet boys they are just so nice. very great music, too!

then we caught a couple of songs of eddie and the hotrods' set (they were the headliner). they were brilliant as well! 

so it was a fabulous end to a very lovely day! but boy oh boy did i have trouble trying to hear the next day lol! it was worth it though, all the bands put on brilliant shows ! i hope your mother's day was equally as fabulous! t hanks for stopping by. see ya on father's day!
abrazos y amor, 

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Sanela K said...

I'll take one on the left in the front from Prima Donna... ;) Umm, I mean I had good Mother's day. Half the day I spent with my kiddos and oppened all the cool cards and little gifts, and the other half I spent with Greg's mom and sister. I am glad you're finaly out of your storm, now get your iPad and text me darn it. :) Love ya girl, and when I come to visit I wanna listen to your man play too. :))