24 June 2011

atc's up the wazoo and got my mojo workin'

hee hee(love johnny winter...got my mojo workin')
atc's up the wazoo! yep that's what i'm going to have for the next few weeks as i work on creating atc's to fill my new(well it's still new... eventhough i bought it last year hee hee) 7 gypsies atc printer's tray. i was thinking of spreading it out for twelve weeks. you know, like one atc per week, but then i decided to create two per week and make it around six weeks. hmm...well it all depends on my energy and if my mojo keeps workin' hee hee! i'm sure as long as i don't overdo it, i'll be fine and stay on schedule. in my excitement to get back into crafting i have to be mindful not to get ahead of myself and overwhelm myself and cause me to be stuck in bed tic'ing and spas'ing hee hee. i know because i've set myself back already a few times because of my being overzealous and crafting all day and night. but baby i'm back!
ok, so take a look at the first two:
i'm thinking the theme of this tray will be love, amor, amour, amoré! i believe these two are not too shabby (but pretty shabby chic hee hee)! please let me know what you think.
thanks for stopping by. i appreciate your support!
abrazos y amor,

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