04 June 2011

it's a new dawn, it's a new day...and i'm feelin' gooood!

yes, i totally can hear nina simone, muse, and jennifer hudson's renditions in my head! i'm feeling good!
ok, well technically i'm in a dystonic storm and i have a migraine but aside from those small technicalities, i'm feeling great! there have been so many wonderful new things to enhance my life over the past year!
i have a new blog(the Original Creative fairystampin'mother). i'm going to be actively working on it once i join stampin' up! again.
i have a new baby! his name is cochobhar-versace(connor-versace). he's my new red merle miniature australian shepherd i adopted from hillman's aussies in idaho. he will eventually be my service dog! he's a hoot and a howl(er)(especially during crate training rofl!) and i just adore him!

i also have another new man in my life but you can learn about him later. he's fabulous and i just love and adore him, too!
i know, it's been a long hiatus for me from the web, crafting, stamping, anything. i've struggled a lot with my dystonia over the past year but i'm excited and happy that i have overcome so much from my move from utah back home to california to my divorce and everything in between!
i live in orange county, california now so it totally rocks to be near the ocean again! i certainly missed that part of san diego when we moved out to utah over a decade ago! that's the part of my california heritage i have never lost! the great salt lake was lovely but i looooove the ocean! soon we'll be taking cochobhar-versace to the beach but i've been waiting because he hasn't finished his series of puppy shots. you all know how deeply saddened i was by the death of my dear carmelita, through parvo, last year. so i am taking no risks with cochobhar-versace. i love my neighborhood, it's so calm and lovely. we have fabulous neighbors but i have to admit, i miss my friends and family in utah terribly. it was good to see them in april when we drove up to pick up cochobhar-versace. it was too short of a visit, though.
so as energy and strength allow me, i'll be around. slowly but surely i'll be working on stuff and posting. i've missed you all terribly! happy new year!
abrazos y amor,

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