03 July 2011

i took it ALL off

   hee hee it's about my new haircut. omg, it's buzzed off! ok, so i've finally taken a moment to show you a couple of pics of my new haircut. it's so freeing! omg! talk about a weight lifted off of my shoulders (hee hee i love being punny). yes, when i initially got my hair cut it was shoulder length.  omg! you have no idea, i lost a lot of weight when i cut all of my hair off! it's so much better now because my headaches aren't as bad.  it's like one never thinks about how much her hair weighs until she has a substantial amount cut off and then you feel lightheaded hee hee! it's so freeing(yes, i know, i've said it before but i had to say it again) and i love that i can just wear it curly or have mills flat iron it for me when i need it to be straight.it's great! and like i said, 'it's hair, it'll grow back!'
   marinello rocks! muchas gracias, veronica! she was scared but i believe she did an excellent job! she couldn't believe i wanted so much cut off and the back totally buzzed. lol!
  Bella's haircut 1
Bella's haircut 2
let me know what you think. thanks for stopping by!
abrazos y amor,