18 July 2011

my mistake monday

hee hee! i came up with that when i realized i neglected to post my facebook friday post.
i had a rather lovely week, last week! so let's re-cap what happened:

worked with cochobhar-versace on the commands~ "vaya dormir" where he goes in his kennel and stays until i ask him to come out and "espera" where he waits for me in my bedroom w/o whining when i leave to go to the kitchen for a drink. it's coming along very well. he's so smart! here's a pic of his cute little self. i call him "puppy chulo" rofl. doesn't it look like he's trying to give besos in this pic?! rofl. he's a loverboy! he loves attention from everyone!
  Odie's camera 025

monday, i decided i want a nook color instead of an ipad2. i mean other than a camera, the nook has just about everything an ipad2 w/wifi has! so that's on my wish list~the nook color with a pink cover of course! but i'm also thinking of using some of my stampin' up! fabric to sew one! i think it'd be sew fun and i think i could make something sew stinkin' cute!

friday, we had a lovely visit from mom. it was really nice to catch up. she taught me how to play mahjong on her little netbook. what a fun game! who knew?! i may be hooked, i'm looking to see if it's included in my vista games! we had fun hanging out and chatting while i prepared dinner. but alas, traffic died down and mom had to leave. we plan to get together again on the 29th. can't wait!
so, that's pretty much it. i rested most of the week because i had some mild tics early on in the week. thanks for stopping by and catching up with me!

abrazos y amor,

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