14 September 2011


that's all ciaran-liam has done since they handed him to me today! yep, he's finally home!
omg! he's just the sweetest little kitty you'd ever want to know. i know mia would just adore him if she were here (yes, i checked again for her, at the shelter today, but she wasn't there nor was she on the "deceased list" :-(  i will just have to look on a weekly basis for as long as it takes). i think the name ciaran is quite fitting since he's a little black kitten and it's so cool he has little brown stripes in his fur when you look at him in the sun. it's like he's a mini jaguar! lol! he is also a snuggler and a kisser! he will jump onto your lap and kiss you square on your nose or lips! too funny! he's a little casanova kitty hee hee!  i told mills i should have named him "shadow" because he follows me everywhere like a puppy.
speaking of puppies, he gets on great with his big brother conchobhar-versace. they're really close in age and i think it's a good thing because they're both young enough to grow up with each other. conchobhar-versace was born on 19 february and ciaran-liam was born on 25 march. so it's fun they have a playmate (and when mia gets home, she will, too)!
omg! it's like, i can't even tell you how excited i am to have him home, finally! of course i had to document the day with a few photos!  so i made a quick page in mds with pics from my webcam(the only camera i have right now lol).
take a look at my new little purrmeister:
i took these pics, like as soon as we got home from the shelter! yes, before i gave him a bath! rofl we all know my germ ocdness hee hee! but,  o-m-g! he was so odiferous! yuck! ewww! i don't know what that smell was. now he smells like lavender baby bath, though. hee hee! and he's all shiny and  sleek, like a clean panther, now. hee hee! oh, and btw, he handled the bath quite well. he's just a sweet, sweet little boy. he reminds me a lot of mia (i know that's how i was so attracted to him everytime i saw him). he loves and purrs on anyone that holds him, just as she would. he stays right by me or where he can see me, just as she would, too! i'd have to say, i didn't know i would meet such a lovely little boy (and fall so in love even through my grief) on all the trips we made to the animal shelter to look for miabella, but i'm really, really happy to be able to have him! he is definitely bringing some light into the darkness i've felt since mia went missing.
thanks for stopping by and sharing in my joy with the new addition to "our pride"(omg! speaking of pride, if i don't see the lion king before it leaves over the next couple of weeks i may go cuckoo! hee hee! i love, love, love that movie! the seven/eight weeks i was on bedrest, when i was preggers with mills, i would just lie in bed and watch the lion king vhs over and over(among other things)! after she was born it's one thing that i could turn on to soothe her and make her less fussy! hee hee!). it's hump day so enjoy the rest of your week, amigas! hasta viernes!
abrazos y amor,

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