17 September 2011

slip-up saturday

yep, it's slip-up saturday! hee hee! too tired to post a "facebook friday" on top of other posts yesterday hee hee!
ciao amigas! how was your week?! i hope it was fabulous and blessed! mine?! o-m-g, long! here's how it went
monday~looked for mia. it's so hard for me to let go and truly admit that the "urban coyotes" may have gotten her. but the more time goes on, so it seems. :-(
tuesday~looked for mia and worked on my stampin' studio. called my grandmother. she was in the hospickle(hee hee didn't you just love the rugrats?) bless the lord it wasn't anything too, too, serious.
wednesday~early in the morning i went to pick up ciaran-liam. omg! i love that little snugglebug! he is so sweet and loving. i get weepy at night though because i wish miabella was snuggling with us. take a look at his beautiful green eyes, mills took this pic(not sure if it's a self portrait or one of ciaran-liam hee hee):
o-m-g! he's such a lovebug!
later on in the afternoon i went to the dr. when i got home, my other dr. called and said that i need a diagnostic mammogram of the left breast with ultrasound, an abdominal ultrasound because they saw a cyst on my liver on the breast mri, and biopsies on my right breast. i told the scheduler that we can set up appointments for the non-invasive stuff but as far as biopsies were concerned i was going to seek a second opinion. i just feel like i've been going to the hospital for something almost every single week since august. i'm getting worn out hee hee! i need to stay in bed and rest more!
thursday~ watched conchobhar-versace and ciaran-liam wrestle each other and just mostly rested. the weather has been sporadic and i've been so tic'y and achy. a sore scratchy throat and sleep deprivation just made me want to lie in bed mostly. and it doesn't help that mills sleeps when she gets home then decides at 2200 every night she needs help with her geometry. i just had to tell her, "i help with homework between 1430 and 2000, please do not ask me at 2200 because i will say no"
friday~slept in. yea! been having a lot of insomnia this week and it's just been hard to get to sleep before 0300 most nights. i got my appointments scheduled at the breast care center/radiologist. 29 september i'll be getting everything done(sans the biopsies). in the evening i called and checked on my grandmother. she was back home in sacramento and doing quite well.
 today~arranged furniture in my studio and unpacked more stuff. i also watched the boys wrestle and play. i always love when cats and dogs can play and be so good to/with each other. i have such lovely kids! hee hee!
well amigas, i hope your weekend will be safe and fun! thanks for stopping by and see you next week! i have a few projects to share so bolo for those!
abrazos y amor,

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