02 September 2011

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ciao, amigas! what a long busy week! omg! i'm worn out this week! here's how my week went:
monday~ we went to funeral services for my dear great-grandmother. o-m-g! the SPIRIT was so present, it took your breath away!  it's an incredible feeling to feel the spirit so strong!
 tuesday~i mostly sat around home and rested. i had a lot of tics and speech problems, so i just stayed around the bed today. i did make it out to the post office to mail some little things. twenchie may be pleasantly surprised when she opens her envelope. hee hee!

wednesday~i mailed some cards to a couple of my great-aunts. grandmother's passing really prompted me to get out of denial regarding the mortality of women in my family. i suppose since grandmother was well into a century old i took it for granted that we'd have five maybe even six generations of girls going for a long time. i still have four great-aunts to get cards out to. i'm also going to send cards to other family members. you know, there's no time like their living years to let the ones you love know that you do. grandmother's funeral snapped me out of my habit of procrastinating!
i tried to adopt my little kitten today but after everything was said and done, it didn't come home with me because it has a kitty version of kennel cough. oh and the funny story~all of this time, as i've been going over to the shelter to look for miabella in the kennels and on the "deceased list", i've been visiting with this little kitten and it's supposed to be a girl. rofl after i filled out my adoption paperwork i was allowed to wash my hands and go hold "her". well when i went to put "her" back into the kennel i noticed "she" was indeed a "he" if you catch my drift! rofl! so instead of naming her stella, as i'd hoped, i'll be naming him ciaran-liam. so i'll have conchobhar-versace(omg just realized i've been leaving off the "n" in conchobhar!) and ciaran-liam(he's a black kitten with gorgeous green eyes) :-) he looks a lot like the kitten pictured below:
thursday~ more bedrest. it's been a tic'y week hee hee! i am really worn out this week. it's like not only do the spasms hurt, they're tiring! but you know, it's like an earthquake, you just have to get into the doorjam and ride it out! that's how i always view my dystonic storms. i was able to sleep a lot today and really rest.

friday~ this morning i awakened to the sound of woody in our bamboo in the backyard. huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huhhhhhhh! yep a woodpecker was in our bamboo! he looked just like this:
just kidding! hee hee! he actually looked more like this:

 had my breast mri early this afternoon. it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. lynn and chris were very fabulous at making me feel as comfortable as possible. i was mainly concerned with getting too hot or too cold thereby setting off more dystonic tics but they kept me comfortable. i didn't need a sedative afterall! it was about 20 minutes or so~a far cry different than the one i had for 60+ mins at the huntsman. i have to admonish all of you to remember to perform your bse's and keep your mammogram appointments!
Pinkapronwbreastcancerribbon Saveurboobies
mills decided to put a red patch in my hair. she says it didn't have ammonia in it, but, omg!, it burned. she washed it out and put conditioner on it. we'll see how it turned out.  i'll post pics once it's all dry.~like tomorrow hee hee!
over the weekend~going to rest and keep working in my studio. going with odie bear to his best friend's bbq and bowling birthday party on sunday. i hope my bowling arm will be up to par hee hee so i can have a great game hee hee! you'll be calling me "the dude" next week hee hee!
The dude

 this is labor day weekend. it's the end of summer! please stay safe, amigas! enjoy your nice long weekend! happy back to school! yay! school starts tuesday for us! woo hoo! as always, thank you so much for stopping by and for your support!
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abrazos y amor,

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