29 August 2011

farewell grandmother

buenas tardes, amigas! i've just arrived home after spending the morning in los angeles. my great-grandmother was laid to rest today. 101 years old she looked ageless! she wore a beautiful pink suit(it was so nice to see her in my favorite color) and a gorgeous pink hat. she truly looked at peace and as if she had a slight smile on her face.
it was lovely to see my family but hard to see them all so wracked with sorrow. i may have become dehydrated with the shedding of my own countless tears. it was indeed a celebration but also a time to realize that we won't see her again until we cross to the other side of the veil.
we were blessed to have five generations of women/girls until 16 august 2011. "grandmother" was a beautiful and great matriarch! she was the epitome of a fine homemaker(she was to me as big martha was to martha!). she had 12 children and she never grew tired of being a fabulous mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother! i appreciate all she was to my life growing up and into my teenage years and the things she taught me(simply by observing her when i was knee-high to a grasshopper) that i've brought into adulthood and motherhood with my own child. it's a beautiful thing that she can be reunited with "granddaddy" after decades of being apart. he passed on when i was still in elementary school. theirs was a beautiful love story. i'm so happy they can embrace one another again and not be weary or faint but just together, reunited in HIS glorious presence.
i was really pleased that mills stood up and gave her remarks~yes, i know, i shouldn't have let my anxiety disorder keep me from doing the same but it did (:-/). she gave a special blurb about family and it was good to hear her say those things aloud.
below are a few photos we were blessed to have with grandmother back in 2002! have a great week amigas!
4 of 5 generations

3 of 5 generations

abrazos y amor,

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judy anderson said...

A lovely tribute. Prayers your way.