10 September 2011

well, actually, it's not a slip-up i was just too tired and/or tic'y to post yesterday.
anyway, ciao, amigas! how was your week?! my week was pretty eventful! here's how it went:
monday: online searching for miabella a bit. relaxed a bit. last day to have summer "girl time" with mills.
tuesday: school started! woo hoo! so nice to have time to myself during the day w/o being nagged! oh what a fabulously restful day it was...until she called home and said she had to come home because of a mistake on her registration card! agh!
wednesday: even better than tuesday, she attended school all day! later, in the evening, i took a look at a couple of tutorials on youtube and i learned how to make/create my own blog blinkies! so i stayed up until...
thursday: 0830 this morning working on it to get it just right! don't worry, nels already chewed me out about not getting rest/sleep. i just couldn't rest until i got the blinkie to blink the way i wanted it to.  you will get to see the blinkie(on my sidebar) once i'm done working on my tutorials for opening day. so bolo for that. :-)
friday: called the shelter because, once again, i saw a cat online that favored miabella an awful lot and i wanted to see if it was her. no, it wasn't. so my eyes started raining. my eyes were raining quite a bit today because i had another dream that miabella made her miabooboo(maine coon) sound and jumped on the bed to lie next to me. but it was just a dream. i also called the other orange county shelter near our home to see if she was there and also to check on "cat doe". later in the evening, chatted on the phone with my aunt up north until...
saturday: like 0300ish this morning. fell asleep around 0400ish and was awakened at 0630 by mills' alarm for school. i fell back to sleep then i was startled awake by the sound of hail hitting the roof and windows really forcefully because of the wind. it was a beautiful sight to see but i wasn't so pleased to be awakened so early by it. nor was the startled awake panic attack pleasant. ;-) hee hee. it was a good wind, rain, hail, lightening, and thunderstorm for sure! i finally fell asleep again after 0830/0930 (it all ran together i was so tired). lol! i also received a phone call this morning that "cat doe" was still sick and i could either wait until the 14th when his meds would be done or i could adopt him w/take-home meds. once i awakened again, in the afternoon, i called and i was told he was ready for adoption and if i got there by 1600(4pm) i could adopt him today! so that's what i did! he comes home monday, after his neuter surgery is done. so, though we're still looking for and missing miabooboo, we have added to our pride by one. his name is no longer "cat doe". he will be known as ciaran-liam. yes, sticking to my scotch-irish roots and giving him a fitting irish name as he is a black cat. hee hee!
well, i hope you all will have a fabulous weekend and safe patriot day. we will observe a moment of silence for my uncle that died on united flight 93(my aunt natalie's brother). have a blessed rest of the weekend and thank you for stopping by and supporting my blog!

abrazos y amor,

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Anett said...

Hello Bella,
thanks for the surprise!!!
I got the letter with the fantastic cards today! Please write a mail to me ... I havent a mailadress from you

Hugs Anett