13 August 2011

slip up saturday

ciao, amigas! i hope you all had a great week! mine was very tiring and emotional. miabella being lost has been so devastating for me. but here's a recap of this week:
monday: discovered mia was lost. day 1 of my six day giveaway.
miabella my beautiful little girl.
tuesday: more looking for mia. went to the shelter and put up fliers. day 2 of the giveaways. met a fabulous new friend(more like an hermana). i call her twenchie! she's my long lost twin. hee hee! please check out her amazing blog the paper castle.
wednesday: more looking for mia. posted an ad on craigslist for miabella. day 3 of the giveaways.
thursday: still looking for mia. had to ask "helpful craigslisters" to please not email me unless they had mia as i'd get my hopes up each time i saw an email about my lost cat. day 4 of giveaways.
friday: went to the shelter again to look for mia. checked all shelters in our vicinity online, even the "deceased lists" to no avail. mia is still lost (:-```(  and it's day 5  of giveaways. will continue to look for mia over the weekend and just keep hoping and praying she'll be back with me soon.
feliz fin de semana, amigas! thank you for supporting my blogs!
abrazos y amor,

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judy anderson said...

praying for miabella return.