06 August 2011

tgifacebook friday

ciao amigas! another busy but lovely week! how about you all?!
well, i'll re-cap what happened this week:
monday~sitting on the edge of my seat to hear if my starter kit had shipped. hee hee!
tuesday~same as monday! lol!
wednesday~ yahoo buckaroo! my starter kit came! here's another look at me opening the box:
the e-collar came off and cochobhar-versace got his staples out. mills kept chanting "cochobhar's got a mangina! omg!older siblings can be so cruel(yes, her chant is a "stepbrothers" reference)! he also got a good dose of k-9 advantix II. there ain't no bugs, no bugs on him. hee hee~that commercial is stinkin' cute! he also got his backpack and i put two 1 liter water bottles in it so he can "do work, son" and focus better on walks and get used to carrying it so he'll be all set for it when he becomes a full on service dog. he looks so stinkin' cute in it. i'll get a pic this weekend and show you next week.
thursday~went out to the habitat for humanity (ocReStore). found a fabulous set of chests for 15 bucks! yes, fifteen bucks! so i'm still chugging away at getting fairystampinmother headquarters/my stampin' studio fixed up and all the boxes unpacked. everything in its place! ;-)
friday~more work in my stampin' studio. picked up some fabulous deals from the price club(costco nowadays i suppose).
this weekend will be more work on my stampin' studio(got some tsp the other day so i can paint all of my fabulous finds! don't worry, i'll get before and after pics). working on some stampin' projects and i will post information on the giveaways of next week! feliz fin de semana, amigas!
thank you for your support!
abrazos y amor,


judy anderson said...

you go girl and enjoy.

Heather Perreaux said...

So? is it done yet? LOL Where's the pictures! I want pictures! heehee snort