20 August 2011

slip-up saturday

well, kind of. it's not exactly a slip-up. i have just been so depressed since i haven't been able to find miabella that i didn't really feel like posting a tgifacebook friday post yesterday. i truly hope you all are well, though!
monday~had a dr. appt. and searched online shelter websites for mia
tuesday~my beautiful great-grandmother, 101 yrs old, passed away. she was a lovely matriarch and great homemaker(household coo) and i admired her greatly for her commitment to motherhood and her fabulous cooking that i remember from when i was a little girl. i'll miss you, grandmother.
here we are with grandmother just after her 5th generation celebration in december 2002
 i visited my local shelter to look for mia. thankfully she wasn't on the "deceased list" though she wasn't in any of the kennels there, either.
wednesday~just searched for mia online and everything.
 thursday~took another trip to the shelter to look for mia. no luck. omg! i miss my sweet little girl so much! i had a dream that she was lying on my chest kneading me and purring. i was so sad when i awakened to realize it was just a dream. i cried so hard. lately it's about all i can do(lie in bed and cry~though i've made a commitment to myself to stop it and get back to work). i just miss her so much.
friday~more searching online for mia. had a mild dystonic storm(lost my speech and had severe spasms and tics all evening). thank goodness i awakened today in my normal state so i could look online for mia some more.
so that's about it, that's been my week this week. i'm still painting and working in my studio so it can be a lovely place to create~my fairystampin'mother headquarters lol!
feliz fin de semana, amigas! thank you for your support!
abrazos y amor,

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