26 August 2011

tgifacebook friday

ciao amigas! how was your week? i hope it was fabulous! here's how mine went:
monday~searched for mia and placed a new craigslist ad to see if anyone has her or may have seen her.
tuesday~more searching for mia.
wednesday~ got up at the bc of dawn and went to see my new neurologist. he's waiting for my reports from utah to decide how he wants to handle my dystonia. you can support dmrf by purchasing a friend/loved one, one of their brand new faux leather journals or other gear. also had another mammogram this time on the right. looks like they want an mri. when we got home i was beyond sick with a migraine and tics. the weather/heat was atrocious! i searched for mia for a bit online then i zonked out on migraine meds.
thursday~in and out of bed with the same migraine and searching online for mia. once my migraine meds took later in the evening i worked on the "never-ending card" (netti's daughter, anne. her birthday is on sunday.
friday~still have the migraine. went to the shelter to search for mia. you're not even going to believe this but they had a silver tabby maine coon in there that they'd just picked up and the cat responded to me as mia would and i started to cry, i was so excited! then i ran outside and asked otis to come take a look at her and then we felt her paws and she had claws. i was beyond devastated. but thankfully, again, miabella wasn't listed on their "deceased list". i'm still working on my cards for this next week~condolence(for great-grandmother), baby shower(for cousin), and birthday(for dear sweet, anne).
have a super great weekend amigas! feliz fin de semana! thanks for stopping by! don't forget to join the giveaways if you haven't already!
abrazos y amor,

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