04 July 2008

happy independence day!

ciao all!
i apologize for just now posting in july. this week has been a week of intense heat and severe "sick headaches"(for me), dr.appts and birthday parties for millE. today she is 13 and the statement "she'll be a real firecracker"(which my neighbors said to me when i brought her home from the hospital) is an understatement! she's miss firecracker for sure! well, i survived her and her bffl yesterday getting their hair and nails done and going to the mall and grocery shopping at walmart!
i hope you all will have a happy fourth of july!


Sanela Kubiak said...

Hi, I'm still here, but very busy. lol. Hope you guys had fun over the weekend. Later,

Jasmine said...

Ok, I am not a fan of these but I was tagged to do one so I did it, and I had to tag 7 other people. I suck cause I don't have 7 other people to tag. You are the only one!!! TAG! YOUR IT!!! See my family blog for details.


Tiffany Johnson said...

Thank you for all the goodies I received on Monday!!!!!