26 July 2008

you never know...

how many times have we heard those words about something? 'you never know when it's your time'. 'you never know when you'll be one or two paychecks from the streets'. 'you never know when you may need to go to a food bank'. those are just some of the "you never knows" that people often say to others.
well, i have another "you never know" for you. you never know when a natural disaster will hit your home/town and you'll require the services of the american red cross.
i've just recently read about a new "it's not a raffle" fundraising effort going on at splitcoast stampers to raise money to send the red cross to aid the families of the midwest that were just hit by the horrible storms. please hit this
"it's not a raffle" link to be directed to the information page to learn more about it and please join bella's petit gateaux in adding to the effort by making a small donation. thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!

p.s. here's a great quote to accompany this post( i picked it up at kelly lunceford's cute blog flutter by atomicbutterfly):
"it is a kingly act to assist the fallen" ~mother theresa

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