18 July 2008

yo, hey adrian! i think i'm rocky!

i'm soooo into boxing lately! into boxing?! you ask~yes, i am totally infatuated with making boxes! i have been taking apart chewing gum boxes and measuring them with my ruler and then recreating them with my su! cardstock. i'm so excited to know what the 1/8th and 1/16th measurements are on the ruler, i don't know what to do with myself! i've been making box prototypes like crazy!
ok, so, here is one of my latest box creations. i gave it, with a little card inside, to my relief society president to thank her for the mm tool kit she gave me(which i in turn gave to my sweet niece skyy because she doesn't have very much scrapbooking stuff and every virgin scrapbooker should have tools for eyelet setting and paper piercing,etc.). let me know what you think.
thanks for looking!
abrazos, bella


Sandra T. said...

Cute boxes and ice cream creations. Are you still updating your new blog???

Sanela Kubiak said...

I have to say I LOL when I read your title. Very creative. Love it. Sorry, I've been missing in action, but I have too much stuff to catch up with. I will be around more after this weekend. Finally getting things under control. Sorta... lol. I got your e-mail too. Cute. You'll get it back, promise. I don't know if I ever responded to you, but the scalloped punch was $25. So it is about the same price as the stamp set I really, really want. If you want, just send me some of your awesome cards as a payment difference. I will not accept any money for it, so you have no choice. :) Miss ya... BTW, how was your anniversary, did you have fun? Love ya,

Sanela Kubiak said...

Ok, since I couldn't tag you back I just nominated you. hehe. Go to my blog and check the details. Miss Ya.