12 August 2008

i don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies!!!!

oh my goodness! the miracle of birth! ok, well, maybe we're not exactly there yet but oh my gosh! you're not even going to believe this!...
i felt memphis' little kittens kicking around in her belly today! i...i...i can't believe she's really and truly going to be a little mum! oh my goodness, i'm going to be the queen mum!
agh! i don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies!(i cannot remember what movie that was from but it still cracks me up to recall that line from that movie! lol)
ok, so of course i've googled pregnant cats(or queens) and "what signs to look for" when it's "about that time". well, they said she'd start doing the feline version of nesting and she'd make this unforgettable sound when she's in labor(probably like the screams of the women in the movies having babies). so i've spent the past few days following memphis around trying to see if she's ready. i'll tell you, i won't be too happy if she has those babies on my scrap table! i go down into ma patisserie and i find her little over-bloated self lying on my scrap table all the time! it's like i couldn't even hop up on the exam table the last bit of my pregnancy~how does she do it?! lol! i've tried making her some sweet little spots but she's not into them. i hope she'll decide to use one of them. i'm so afraid she'll decide behind the dryer is the perfect spot~agh!

i'll tell you, i just cannot believe i felt her little babies kicking around today! well, it's safe to say she's actually pregnant and not trying out for garfield in the next movie! she's tubby for a reason~she has babies in there! i cannot believe it! well, i'll keep you all posted on our pride's new arrivals when they get here!
^ i had my baby on the fourth of july 1995~it was hot~it was summer and all i wanted to do was lounge around like this!


Amanda From: AJ's In-Sanity Center said...

LOL, you will definitely know if your cat is ready. When my cat had her babies, she wouldn't let me leave her side. :)

It was a good thing too because one of the 4 kinda got a little stuck on the way and I had to help her get it out. (His name was "Fat Boy" from then on...)

For the most part you shouldn't have to do anything but if you get concerned you can always talk to your vet ahead of time about helping you out. :)

Aren't babies just wonderful!?!?!

Skylin and Tyson said...

That's so cute that you could feel the babies! I read somewhere not to try and feel around for chinchilla's babies, so I haven't tried =( I just have to wait for them to pop out. this is my first birthing experience period! I've never seen anyone give birth human or animal, so i don't know exactly what to expect.

Skylin and Tyson said...

I wish I could get a picture that shows how fat chi-chi is getting! It shows mostly in her hips its kinda funny, but I don't see her nipples or anything. Your poor kitty looks exhausted!

Juel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today, thought I would pop over and say 'hi' back.

As far as your momma kitty goes, she will nest like no other. Make sure she has a comfy blanket in an out of the way spot because that is what she will look for.