13 August 2008

whyyyy vh1...whyyyyy?!!!

ok so bunny was on-call last night so millE and i had a late night watching t.v. and why did an autotune to vh1 have to come on with boyz n the hood just going off?! millE decides to grab a couple of the pride members(miabella and bizhan~i guess she gave memphis a break because she's preggers) and hops them into a gang! why vh1?! whyyyyy?! ok, so here are the pics of my little kitties trying to bear with millE's antics.

^poor miabella she was sweet and innocent

^ then she got hopped into the gang

^bizhan, looks scary! i think he was gang-related in one of his past nine lives! lol!

thank goodness they've been rehabbed and have left the gang. i have my sweet little kitties back now! no more boyz n the hood vh1!


judy anderson said...

you crack me up!

Skylin and Tyson said...

Ahahahahahaha That's cute! they're little homies! lol