05 August 2008

sharing what i love 24/7!

yes, coming monday 11 august 2008 i will be able to share what i love 24/7 as stampin' up! will have our websites able to process online orders placed on them!
i'm so stoked i don't know what to do with myself! now i can share so many other things i don't have posted on my blogs with you!
you will want to take a look at my website: fairy stampin' mother and see what i have planned!
yes, i know what you're asking "her website isn't bella's petit gateaux too?!" well, i'll tell you, it was...but i changed it to fairy stampin' mother because that's what i feel i have been for so many people! i love helping others create beautiful and awesome projects! so when it comes to cupcakes(petit gateaux~and why didn't i know cupcakes were so popular when i chose the name for my blog just because of good eats?!) those are what i personally create and as far as sharing the fabulous things stampin' up! offers through projects and products i'm your fairy stampin' mother by bringing those to you through my website!
thank you for your support! have a great tuesday!
abrazos, bella
p.s. you will even be able to order a copy of the fall/winter idea book & catalog on my website(you'll have to pay different shipping though)!


scrappin' happy said...

so glad you had fun! Can't wait to see the new stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Sandra T. said...

Sounds like you had the time of your life at the SU convention. Those are always fun!