10 August 2008

it's coming together nicely

ciao all! remember when i told you all i was the hostess for a card swap with my cropping chicks-ut group? well, it's all coming together nicely. i have most of the cards from the 14/14 swap now.
boy oh boy let me tell you~ i've learned some things about the group i wasn't made aware when i offered to hostess:1. procrastination is fine 2. almost everyone expects procrastination so they are fine whenever they receive their cards after the swap deadline.
well, this is going to be my last time hostessing because i got some finger shaking private messages over the deadline and procrastinators and i just don't want to deal with that again. i personally could care less about the deadline but i started this swap way back in june and i made the deadline the 8th of august so i would be sure to be done with the two ctmh swaps i was in and convention would be over and i'd have the energy to sort and get the cards mailed back. i tried to consider everyone with summer schedules and everything.
i love the group, but it was like some people were like 'i want mine now send me back my extras' and others were like 'well, i can wait until your hubby's next day off so you can wait for the late ones and mail mine back then'. the bittersweet thing about e-communication is you can't really tell a person's tone unless it's an obvious happy tone. so i don't know if the ones that said 'i want mine now, you gave two months for the deadline' are huffy or they're just needing their stuff now. ah well, 'tis life you cannot please all of the people all of the time and just barely some of the people some of the time! lol!
ok, so take a look at the pics. these are the nine cards i have so far. i made the criss cross card in the last pic. let me know what you think!

monday 11 august 2008~check it out i've added a few more pics of the cards.

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