16 August 2008

i'm a sucker for a man with blue eyes...

bizhan just melts my heart! i swear he can play "puss in boots" in the stage production of shrek! he's so good at making you fall for him with just a little dilation of his pupils in his beautiful blue eyes!
it doesn't work all the time, sometimes he gets an "awww...you're so stinkin' cute~but you're still on timeout!" just before he gets placed in the bathroom for a timeout. lol!
my how he's grown! little choo choo! those of you that have kittens know what i mean about chew chew! i swear it's like having an infant/toddler at home! goodness, he's gets into so many of my things. when he's getting into my stuff and millE doesn't want to watch him then he's mine but when she feels like playing with him he's hers(teenagers)! lol!


Skylin and Tyson said...

I love those 2 middle pictures! He looks so innocent!

Skylin and Tyson said...

Yeah, so I have another project in mind =) For Halloween, I want to make cute little hats for my chinchillas, like a witch's hat for chi-chi, a wizard hat for cheeto, a princess hat for one of the babies, a top hat for another.. etc... I was thinkin I could just make them with paper and decorate them all cute, and then stick a paper clip with a string attached on the inside so they don't actually have to wear them (cause I know they'd hate that) Wouldn't that be cute? At least for a couple of pictures.. =P Maybe a hoola skirt on one =P