03 October 2008

ay! ay! ay! please forgive me!

oh my...i'm truly apologetic that i have been unable to keep up with you all the past couple of weeks. not to sound punny but that colonoscopy took a lot out of me! i really got very ill~the migraine i was already dealing with from the egd just got worse with the prep for the colonoscopy and i ended up having a dystonia episode in the recovery room~so...i'm finally getting to feeling much better.
so much has happened since then too! we have a new puppy de niro "blue" he's the most gorgeous blue merle aussie i've ever seen(well, maybe i'm biased because i just adore him). we'd lost abbey and that was hard on me. i won't go into the details of that, but i'm happy to have de niro. how did i arrive at that name? well, he's so gorgeous~like robert de niro so i named him de niro *cheese* !
the kittens are like sooo big~they're eating solid food now and just so friendly and sweet. working on kitter box training too! memphis and bizhan are teaching them.
i was supposed to teach my first class at hobby lobby today, but i didn't have anyone signed up(whew! i wasn't feeling well this morning). i'm excited to get to do that. it should be good for me.
ok, so that's a little bit of why i've been MIA. but i'm back now. i'll be on tomorrow to show you pics of the kittens and some other projects i was working on before the week of my bum test. i hope you all are doing just great and that your september was fabulous! i've truly missed you all! i know, i have got to get caught up on my blog visitations! ttfn!

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