04 October 2008


don't they look like little fluffy cream puffs? here are the "4 week old" pics of marie, toulouse and berliose. they're so big now! i have to get 5 week old photos! i'll be sad when they find their new forever homes :0( ! they're climbing up everything and just little explorers when it comes to my patisserie. i caught them nursing on their mom on top of my cardstock scraps! they climb out of their little enclosure and roam my scraproom! they're so stinkin' cute, though, i can't help but smile when i find them outside their little room.


judy anderson said...

You must be in a good good place right now. I love it.

Skylin and Tyson said...

Is Marie the one with the white chin? Or is that Berliose? They're so cute! I want one so bad! =( I'll advertise your kittens to people I know so you KNOW they go to a great home. =) I wonder if Paige would want another cat..hmm..