29 October 2008

happy halloween

i'm so excited to see the little ones getting so big! i think they look adorable in their little ribbons. the longer we have them the sadder i get because i know when the day comes i really won't want them to go!
tomorrow night i'll be going to my dear( sweet niece) skyy's first stampin' up! workshop! i'm so excited she joined my team~she's an amazing person and paper crafter! it's so nice to have found something we can grow closer with~i mean she's like so freakin' beautiful but down-to-earth and really, really fun! she's just totally all around lovely!( i think i told you all how i pushed my anxiety and agoraphobia to go down to las vegas for their wedding~it was beautiful and totally worth the panic attacks~sometimes i guess being supportive of your family overpowers your fears) and i totally had no idea she was a stampoholic/scrapoholic like me! it's so fun when we get together and now we can get together to help each other with our su! business endeavors too! ok, so i'm excited she invited me to her halloween party/su! open house! i'm going as a baby. i have no idea how long it goes for, so... i may post late tomorrow!
well, anyway, here's the kittens at 9 weeks old in "trick or treat" ribbons!
thanks for looking!

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Skylin and Tyson said...

How sweet! =) Thank you. =D Yeah, sorry I didn't do a big costume contest like I was going to.. kinda hard when 2 people are dressed up and 2 people aren't.. I didn't want to win at my own party ;) lol jk it was still fun though. you looked really comfy! lol I was very not comfy at all! =P
The kittens are so dang cute in their little ribbons!! (I always want to call them kits..I'm way too obsessed with my chinchillas) =P