28 October 2008

dagnabbit! back to the drawing board

well... i was trying to make a lovely bella rose dsp coffin for all of you twilight fans, but it was a horrible attempt! i got the template from my dear friend martha from one of her halloween shows.
well, i'm going try it again but with the large template and i'll post it later on this week. let me know what you think if you can type through your laughter! lol!
abrazos, bella

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Skylin and Tyson said...

Wow! I actually really like it! When you figure out the best way to do it, you should give me the dimensions. =) The bella rose paper is PERFECT!

Thanks for coming to my workshop and helping me out so much! =) I was happy how it turned out! I got one booking, from JJ, so that will be cool. And I'm sure I can get Carrie (my step mom) to host a workshop too. So that's 2 bookings! (almost) which is the goal that SU! gave to me. =) Tyson kind of made me mad and tried to steel my thunder! But I think he realized it and tried to back off. My next party wont be so late, I'm sooooo not used to being up that late. haha I had to go to my work last night too, to decorate a cubicle for our halloween competitions. =P

Anywho.. this is a very long comment.. I probably should have just e-mailed you. =P Talk to you later. Love ya!