26 October 2008

we were boo'd

well, i was kind of upset(well, you know, bummed) because i wanted to "boo" our neighbors before we got boo'd but one of my neighbors beat me to it(darn lack of energy!)! we received a delic' plate of halloween m & m laden marshmallow krispie treats. mmmm...that is all i could say along with millE as we devoured the entire plate shortly after discovering them on the porch. we were given a day's turnaround for our boo'ing, so i grabbed the car keys and drove right over to albertsons to get a few bags of candy and some halloween novelty toys and came back home and created three little "boo bags" for the three neighbors we decided we'd "boo".

these are two of the projects i did. i don't have a pic of the third but i'll have a tutorial(yes, i said tutorial) on the third project~ a handmade bag i created from my own little idea/calculation(so stay tuned for that)!

please let me know what you think! the first project is a "box in a bag" i learned how to make from the "inking addict" blog(fab stuff, please check her out!) the second project is a "genie bag" i learned how to make those on splitcoast and at convention this year. . thanks for looking!

oh nooo! millE is going to clobber me if i don't mention that she did the random stamping on the genie bag!

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