26 October 2008

ay dios mio!

i cannot believe i haven't posted in soooo long(twenty days is a long time for me on this blog~i have to get bloggy with it again!)! mostly i've just been so tired and had a lack of energy to get bloggy with it. lo siento. maybe some of you missed me?! lol! well, i've done a couple of things since i've been offline but i have lots more i need to get done. i think i'm going to have to blog mondays through thursdays and break for the weekends and then i won't feel so guilty when i'm unable to chat with you all for a while because i'm too tired to blog every single day. i think that plan may work better for me and if i have the energy i can still blog on the weekends but it won't be expected. yep, that works for me! what about you?! lol!
well...i hope you all have seen my new quotes for breast cancer awareness(you know how close to my heart this is since i still have that lump in my left breast) and halloween(bunny and sanela's "valentine's day")there are some nice ones i found. thanks for reading and being a fan~stay tuned for more posts!
abrazos, bella

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Sandra T. said...

Welcome back to bloggin'!!! We missed ya!