31 October 2008

can't we all just get along?

well, i've been thinking of the upcoming presidential election next week(happy halloween, by the way)and because of the race issues that have been highly publicized lately, i've had flashbacks of the press conference with rodney king and reginald denney all those years ago after the riots in south central los angeles where the phrase "can't we all just get along..." was coined from~ reminding us~ white and black, police officer and civilian, to be tolerant of each other and just peacefully coexist.
so when i saw these two(berliose and de niro) sleeping so peacefully together, i snapped a picture. i thought it was the perfect example of tolerance and how to get along(and they're two different species! berliose was asleep but he was purring so loudly and de niro was just so sweet and loving with him and ended up falling asleep too. out of all of the kittens berliose loves de niro the best(toulouse isn't far behind. marie, on the other hand, is simply not interested in getting along with de niro. which is also a fact of life~some will just not get along well with others).

so with that said, i hope you all will get out there and vote and remember what a momentous occasion this is for our dear united states of america! no matter who you vote for~the point is for us all to "just get along" and rebuild our nation! we don't have to be better than anyone else but ourselves~as the army slogan says "be all you can be..." and if we all try i'm sure we can "aim high" and achieve peace!
have a great weekend and don't forget to "fall back" on sunday morning!


Sanela Kubiak said...

Very well said. Love ya.

judy anderson said...

Hey miss bella, I've been a missin your posts. Is everything okay?