11 September 2008

buenas noches

ok, i don't think i told you all that i'm taking a free spanish course online. yes, that's what i said ~free! it is so awesome, too! i'm learning soooo much! it's fabulous! my family will have to get off of my case about my spanglish because i'll be closer to fluency with my spanish.
hmmm...maybe i should've taken spanish along with my french in high school but i mean come on, when you live/grow up right by mexico(san diego) that's not where you desire to visit~i wanted to go to paris(i did and i loved it)! so i had no desire, at that time, to learn spanish. i know tsk, tsk! well, i'm making up for it now, i'm learning proper spanish very well! ok, so you have to visit the site, spanish dict. and sign up~even if you're a fluent spanish speaker because it totally rocks~like the entire community and the resources! if you check it out, let me know what you think!
gracias amigo/as!

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{KKC} said...

I love the idea of taking online Spanish classes, I took Spanish in high school and college and remember more of it than I thought I would. I use it at work all the time, I think I am going to check out that site and see what else I can learn. Thanks for the tip.