09 September 2008

last two cropping chicks-ut swaps

ciao all! sorry it has been a while! i wasn't able to get on and post like i wanted to last week. i'm finally able to post for you the last set of swaps that i received in the cropping chicks-ut card swap i hosted last month. i'm glad that's over! whew! how exhausting! it can be stressful hosting swaps when ladies don't come through when they're supposed to.
i'll tell you it was really heartbreaking to me to find out that when i did the ctmh atc swap, last month, that the hostess (tiffany) had to fill like four spots! i think that's totally ridiculous! true, "life happens" to a person, but when you procrastinate that's when you leave yourself open for murphy's law! it's great when you can find an angel to fill the spot(s) you're missing! it's just not fair, in my book, to the hostess when you can't~but what do i know? i've only been a hostess once! lol! well, let me get off of that soap box! lol!
thanks for taking a look!

oh my heck! i just realized the top card is a flower~i have it standing the wrong way! aye aye aye! my blond roots! lol! i'm sure carlos mencia is somewhere going "ddd bella!"


Skylin and Tyson said...

I want to do altered clip boards. Will you do those with me? I want to make a few of them and play suck up to my bosses =D

StampupLisa said...

Oh wow! I did a double take on the packaging :) It looks almost like SU's Trendy Trees. LOL!

I'm loving everything on your site. Especially your cats :)