10 September 2008

eyes wide shut!

darnit! wouldn't you know i try to get a good shot of "duchess and the kittens" with their eyes open and the flash totally robs me of that?! well, i did manage to get one pic of toulouse with his eyes open(marie opened hers first then he did~they were a pretty close tie. berliose is still trying to get his all the way open)! they're getting so big! it's so nice to see their little eyes open too~i think marie's may be blue! i love the pic of the wcwf where toulouse is wrestling berliose! toulouse is so freakin' bossy!
and guess who's been playing baby-tender?! bizhan! yes, i caught "chewy" down there babysitting while memphis was upstairs going to the ladies room and grabbing a bite to eat. he has been watching them for her when she wants a break. it's so cute because he preens them and keeps them in their little rubbermaid nursery bin. i think he thinks he may be their papa but i'm pretty sure, though not to judge books by their covers, maury would say "bizhan!...you are not the father!" rofl!
ahh, i'm so happy...my little pride is getting along well.
miabella still doesn't quite know what to think seeing the kittens nursing on memphis. i think she was wondering where memphis was, for the longest time, and then when she finally found her and the kittens it freaked her out! lol!
well, here are the the shots of the triplets at two weeks old(today!) thanks for looking!


Tiffany Johnson said...

This post is totally tearing at my heartstrings! I LOVE cats and kittens (before they get all frisky...heehee)!

Skylin and Tyson said...

I want Marie! Tyson said no.. =( Well, its really not up to either of us, but even if we COULD have a cat, he'd still say no! Jerk!