11 September 2008

do you remember? where were you? what were you doing?

today is september 11th. i've been watching documentaries on the tragedy this morning and i've been reflecting on how it personally touched my family. my uncle harry's ex-wife(though they were still married at the time and she was still my "aunt" back then) lost her brother on the united flight from boston. i won't go into everything. i just wanted to take a moment of silence to pray/meditate/think about what happened to so many of our brothers and sisters 7 years ago. i mean in the grand scheme of things we are all related in this vast human family, worldwide! thank you for your participation in this moment with me.
have a lovely afternoon!
see you this evening, hopefully!


judy anderson said...

Bella,9-11 someone tied red white and blue ribbons around the trees along the main four lane street that we are adjacent too. I have no idea who it was however I continue to replenish those ribbons as they faded. So that is what I did for two hours this am and as I work I say prayers for God to use as he or she wishes.

Nikki said...

I was working in the SPCA and listening to the radio. We thought the station was joking, until we realized it was on every station.