02 September 2008

manny, moe and jack

nope, not the pep boys~memphis' kittens!
yep, she finally had them! it was around 1717 when she had the first one on wednesday, 27 august! bless the lord it wasn't on my scrapbooking papers or the table! lol! she had the first one in the linen closet on the floor. it's so funny because before she climbed under the laundry basket in there i joked with her and said "oh memphis, are you going to have your babies in there?" and she looked at me and purred and meowed and hopped on top of the laundry basket and climbed under it. not even two hours later she was in labor! it was an awesome sight to behold!
ok, so she started to make that distinctive cry they said she'd make when i googled "pregnant cat info" and i ran and sure enough she was purring and i heard a little meow coming from under her. well i scooped her and the baby up and put them in a huge rubbermaid bin and ran them downstairs to the place i'd created for her to have them in the first place. i helped her get out the placenta for that one and sure enough about 20/30 minutes later she was pushing out number two! it was an honor to be her doula/nurse midwife she was so good in letting me help her get them out. she's such a lovely mum and her kittens are soooo sweet! the pics above are from their birthday. i'll take pics and post them of their 1 week birthday tomorrow! it looks like it's two boys and a girl. they're so stinkin' cute!
whew! am i glad that's over! it was a lot easier than i imagined it'd be and it was a great experience for millE in learning about birth. she was just in awe~ like a tourist taking video and pics of every single thing just about! lol! when i uploaded the pics from the sd card today, there were like six or seven videos of memphis birthing her babies or nursing them or just lying down with them and purring.
what a great experience for us. bunny barely got home just after the last one was born. i'd been talking to him when i heard memphis cry out and i like practically hung the phone up in his face i was so excited trying to run to her! lol! so, that's the story of memphis, manny, moe, and jack! hee! hee!
thanks for reading!

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Skylin and Tyson said...

Soooooo cute!!! =D I wish I could have a cat here! =( Tyson's grandpa HATES cats... and Tyson isn't too fond of them either. I would want one though, they're not as high maintenance as dogs. Awww.... they look like little furry balls! lol Yeah, definitely post more pictures of the babies when memphis isn't laying on them ;) I'm so excited for you! And it makes me even more excited for Chi-chi's babies! I'm getting so anxious I want it to happen already!!