02 September 2008

first things first

ok, so i know i said i'd be back over the weekend when i posted on friday 22 august. well... saturday my computer started acting very sickly. it was clicking/coughing and turning blue in the face(well, going to the blue screen) every time it had to be restarted or turned on and it wasn't loading pdf's and things. well, i nearly had a nervous breakdown freaking out(crying and boo-hooing creating a terribly snotty tear-stained face with puffy eyes~what a sight to see) over losing my computer~so many thoughts running through my head-'oh my g*d ~my blogs, millE's school, my pictures and music files, all of my scrapbooking pdf's...!'~agh!! so i calmed down for a moment and had the idea to call my lovely bil pop into my head(because he is the computer wizard/expert/sage/etc.etc.etc.) well, actaully, i made bunny speak to him first. i wanted bunny's blond roots to show before mine when speaking to him(lol!) then bunny handed the phone over to me and ok, so in speaking with him my inherently blond roots started to show anyway! i learned, through troubleshooting with him, that i have 52.2 gb's and i only had 1.97 gb's left!!!! agh! no wonder i had been getting the "your virtual memory is low" messages so often and my comp. had been running slower. ok, so i figured all that out by sunday with my computer and saving files and such and bunny said he'd either buy me a new computer or get me a very large external hard drive so i won't lose all of my stuff if the computer goes out. my bil also gave me a tutorial on how to save my files to a cd so i'm feeling a little better about it. i just have to get 'er done! lol! whew! glad i made it through that weekend!
fast forward through the week and lo and behold... memphis had her kittens on wednesday(yes, a week ago tomorrow~ see the next post for more details on that)!
i had my egd on thursday. the most i know is i have erosive gastropathy and esophagitis which i guess is pretty much gerd or something. i suppose that's why i wake up with pools of acid in my throat and ready to hurl my guts up every morning! so even still today i'm trying to get from under the anesthesia. i'm still really worn out from that. my lip is still fat from the bite block pinching it~i haven't needed to wear plumping lip gloss this week~lol! also, that same day we went over to "steve and barry's" and bunny bought me some cute clothes(he says that makes him my "suga' daddy" rofl! i joked with him and said at best he's my "splenda daddy"! rofl!). though i was still a bit groggy, it was fun. plus we were killing time until we drove out to herriman because we have a new family member~ her name is "abigail". i say it like "abb-ee-guy-eel" like the spanish pronunciation but we all just really call her abbey for short(see the post after the next post for more info on that).
oh my gosh and friday mi hermanita,jessi, de costa rica lost her sister(very tragic murder/suicide. i don't understand why the men get so crazed and selfish and murder the wife then commit suicide). when she finally spoke to me~oh my gosh, i've never heard my sister so sad in my life! after my sister gianinni called me to tell me what happened, i called her to make sure she was doing ok but she couldn't even talk on the phone. she took it so hard she just collapsed my bil said. she couldn't talk to me until saturday. thank goodness gianinni was able to drive down to san diego to be with her. it hurt so bad not to be able to fly over there for her. mi corazon is just broken! sunday, she and my bil flew back to costa rica to take care of things. so that made my weekend very somber. i hate to see the people i love suffer so much. i cried a lot last night just before falling asleep. you know when it's just a lot of things you just have to release so you just let it go and the tears are like streams after the snow melts off?! yeah, it was like that kind of cry. but i'm ok today.
let's see, what else? millE worked on school stuff sunday and yesterday because she took saturday as her holiday instead of yesterday.
then!!!~last night when i knew i'd have time to write on my blogs before i went to bed i had to go and slice my finger while making dinner! but i did try to write you all but i couldn't type very well with the bandage(well it was more like a huge wad of bloody gauze) on my finger. when it happened, it was like a volcano of red lava erupting! blood got everywhere in the kitchen but bunny wrapped it in gauze after i rinsed it under cold water and poured peroxide on it for a spell. it turned really purple for a minute because i had the gauze a little tight so i had to loosen it up a bit. it finally stopped bleeding after midnight so i was able to get comfortable and relax and try to go to bed. it made my left arm hurt intensely but i managed to fall asleep after 1 or 2. then abbey decided to get up at 0537 so i had to be up with her. another reason i'm so tired. lol!
anyway, virtual school is going well for millE. i know you're asking "why virtual school?" well, she begged us to let her try this because she'd been bullied at school. so, it's going well~ though we're still working the kinks out with our relationship since virtual school started. i had to tell her not to call me mom, "i'm your teacher's assistant so you need to respect me that way". so then she said she'd call me "mrs. mom, then" lol!
so you can see, when i said i had a lot to tell you since that last post, this is what i meant! but you know how i feel about things~todo esta bien! everything is going to be good.
ok, check out the next posts!


Skylin and Tyson said...

Wow! Its been a loooong couple of weeks hasn't it?

That's always way hard to see someone hurt and grieve over a lost one, almost worse than it happening to yourself. for example, one of my best friends, Carrie, died just over a year ago, and my other best friend, Haley, is taking it a lot harder than I am, so I'm grieving over Haley's pain more than my own. Its hard and it breaks my heart!

You've been riding an emotional roller coaster the past week though! A new puppy is stressful and fun and exciting, and then the birth of your kittens and getting attached and all the love and happiness, and then the stress of teaching your daughter, and slicing your finger open, getting your surgery, and then other people's burdens! Geez! After all that I HOPE you cried! lol let it all out! You need a loooooooong hot bubble bath with a book and lock yourself in there till the water is cold! =D OR... a loooong afternoon of doing nothing but scrapbooking. I like to do that to keep my mind off of things. I spent all weekend scraping. =D

Anyway, love you lots and hope everything starts winding down for you so you're not so stressed out lol, and hope to see you soon =D

Sanela Kubiak said...

Oh Bella... I have been thinking about you every day since I talked to you. I am "missing" you a lot. I'll try calling you tomorrow or you can call me. :)
Remember: In the end everything is going to be OK. If it's not OK, than it's not the end yet.