11 September 2008

now i'm a bag lady

if you thought my boxing was a phase~now i'm into bags! this is a pic of the little bag i made last night. i was googling handmade bags and i found this bag on lisa somerville's awesome little blog. you should take a look, she's very artistic!
so this is my tiny rendition of hers. i didn't use a box inside mine. i was stubborn and tried to create my own template because i want to recreate them w/o using a box.
ahh...takes me back to my days of collecting designer bags every time we went shopping in beverly hills when i was younger. now i'm making my own designer (series paper) bags!
ok, as usual let me know what you think!
hasta luego


Skylin and Tyson said...

Wow, I love it! Tutorial??? =D

Nicole said...

This is really cute!!!