02 September 2008

it's a girl~her name is abigail/abbey

i know you're asking "who's abigail/abbey?! was bella pregnant and i didn't know it?"
uh, no! i haven't been pregnant in like 13/14 years lol!
abigail/abbey is our new puppy! bunny got her for me so we can train her to be a service dog. i've been having more trouble with my dystonia so i told bunny i wanted to have a service dog that we trained so it would be able to help me when i'm having an attack if no one else was home. so we went onto ksl and found her.
she is so stinkin' cute! i love her to pieces! ok, so what kind of puppy is she? she's blue heeler and australian shepherd. i think she's also border collie. you cannot look at her face and not smile, she is just so sweet! i've been working with her on basic obedience so we can train her to help me after that. she's good with "sit" in english and spanish, "come/ven conmigo" and "wait/espera" we're working on name recognition(yes, i know, kind of out of order with her knowing sit before her own name lol!). we've been trying to train her to use the litter box(the doggy kind) but she's not big on going in the house she goes to the back door and whines to go outside. we were like in awe when she started whining to go out and we hadn't even taught her that!
she's a good girl. i've been going out for walks with her (with the exception of this morning, i was just too worn out) around 5/6. it has been so fun and she does better off of the lead than on but she's getting better with that. i'd been teaching her without a lead but bunny got all "no buddha, we need to get a leash..."on me so i've been working with her on a lead. she's so stinkin' smart! yesterday we went out to petsmart and picked up the doggy litter box, litter and a cute little backpack(so she can carry her own doggy bags~if that happens but she doesn't even think of trying to void herself outside of our yard). bunny also bought her that little pink t-shirt(it says "it's a girl") because her collar and lead are blue and he didn't want people to think she was a boy. lol!
it's nice to have another little one in the house! i know you're thinking it's like a zoo over here! lol! but it helps with my anxiety and depression to have my little pride and new pack~so todo esta bien!
well, that's about it for now. i'll be back tomorrow when millE is done with online school stuff! ciao for now!

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Tiffany Johnson said...

Oh, Bella, she's so cute! I'm so glad you have such a supportive pride over there helping you with your condition :) You are so blessed!