29 May 2008


i have a huge cheesy grin today! you're never going to guess why~so i'll just tell you! i bought 4 bellas today(i've been selling my new and used stamp sets to other ctmh consultants to get $ for more stamps)! yes, i know, you're as excited as i am! i'll tell you, it's like anticipating the birth of one's baby~the waiting for the brown truck to roll up to the door and give you your box of sweetness! ups is the only stork that will be delivering things to my house, so i'm sooo excited when i get my quantum view notification from ctmh that i have a "new baby" coming soon!
now, i'll have my "adopted sweeties" from stamping bella! i'm expecting my bellas 10 june and i'm so giddy i don't know what to do with myself! other than me, myself and i~these are my first bellas!
i cannot wait to create! now i won't have to drool, ooh, ahh, and ohhh over everyone else's bellas on their blogs all the time~i'll have my own to show off! i already have ideas floating in my head on what i'm going to create with them! i think i'll be nesting until they arrive~i'll have to clean and prepare my patisserie so they'll have their own special spot on my scrap shelf. my anticipation, of their arrival, grows hour by hour! i'll keep you posted! thanks (for your congratulations) in advance!

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Sunflowergal74 said...

Bella - which Bella's did you order? Can't wait to see what you create with them!