27 May 2008

guess what i did

you're probably not even going to believe i did this, but i signed up for not one but two swaps with my ctmh sisters! one is due on 25 june, the other 1 august. i chose swaps that are relatively small so i won't get overwhelmed. i'm pretty stoked! one is a "lunchbox card swap" the other is an "atc swap". it's like i'm stoked and nervous all at the same time. sometimes i just never really feel confident my work is good enough to share. like i only post stuff at scs that i believe is good for others to look at( i suppose i do that here too). i hate that my pics are blurry because i'm using a cellphone camera or they have shadows because of the 3-d embellies on the scanner, but i know in person they're nice :0). it's also great to know my hubby thinks i'm talented~that's comforting and important because this is not a cheap hobby! lol!
sooo, i'm off to my patisserie to create my swap cupcakes! i'll try to post some pics before midnight. hope you all had a lovely holiday yesterday!

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Sunflowergal74 said...

Bella you'll do great - your work will WOW everyone and you'll become a swap junkie!