23 May 2008

the tale of the virus scan and dr's appt.

i know, i know~i haven't posted in like two days!!!! well, let me tell you why.
okay, so let's rewind to wednesday~
i totally wanted to post a tip of the day and a pic of something i have been working on, but obviously that didn't happen! early that afternoon i had been posting comments on my ctmh sisters' blogs and checking email and the computer seemed to be going slow because of a lot of virus scan updates that kept popping up. around 1745( mst), i decided to do a virus scan just to make sure there wasn't anything on the computer. well, i thought by around 1900/1930 it would be done, no such luck! it didn't get done until after 0230 thursday morning! i had been waiting for it to get done, but it took forever (i didn't want to post during the scan because it totally slows the computer to try to do things while it's running) so i finally had to go to bed around 0230 because i had a dr. appt. on thursday(and i had to get up early to drive bunny to work) .
fast forward through my sleeping~
so i finally dragged myself out of bed around 0700(well, bunny awakened me at 0556 but i told him i didn't need to get up until 7). so, after the morning routine, we drove to salt lake to get bunny to work then i took the car. well, you know how gas prices are so i didn't drive all the way back home to wait for it to be time for my dr. appointment. after getting a bite to eat at burger king, i left salt lake city and went over to heartland paper co. in bountiful to pick up my quickutz squeeze(a pink one, of course!). i put it on hold the afternoon before when i got the email that they're having sizzlin' summer deals! and you're never going to guess what they're on sale for there~$29.99! i know, no freakin' way, right?! that's what i said! anyway, this totally makes up for me not being able to go to the quickutz booth at the utah valley women's expo. i also got a dress die for $2.99(their $6.99 dies are on sale for $3.99 and if i remember correctly their $12.99 dies are $7.99), a few little things to work on emerson's scrapbook with, and the squeeze cushion for $1.99. i was so grateful bunny gave me a little allowance $ on wednesday night! so, after my fun time at heartland i stayed at mom and dad's to pass the time, catch up with dad and rest.
my dr's appt. was at 1630 so i left mom and dad's early so i could stop off at bed bath and beyond to get a wedding gift for my darling nephew and his sweet wife to be. i arrived at the office way early(like 1553) and wouldn't you know they didn't get me into an exam room until 1650 and of course i had to pick bunny up at 1700! i was totally hoping it was one of those days he'd have to finish up a last minute embalming or something(no such luck~he was waiting for over an hour for me :0( ) ! well, who knew there would be a shortage of rooms and that's why it took so long for them to get me back there? let's see, then, i had to have some tests and a blood test that was a bit painful~my veins love to pop and roll and evidently the phlebotomist didn't quite recognize that(though i mentioned it to her before i pulled up my sleeve) and kept pushing the needle in harder and harder! finally she decided to find another vein and that went much better(yippee i got the hot pink bandage stuff)! bless the lord i don't have phlebitis today! so i have to go to a specialist~i'll keep you posted on what is exactly wrong. so anyway, that's why i didn't post yesterday either!
good to be back, though! keep a look out for the rest of the day, i'll be back with more to share!

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