12 May 2008

what's in a name?

i bet some of you are wondering how i came up with the name for my blog. well, it goes back to 28 april 2008 while i was contemplating creating a blog. i had the television on and i was watching good eats on the food network(everyone that truly knows me, knows i'm a baking/cooking diva and i loooove getting recipes off of the food network~bam!) the show was on chiffon cupcakes and alton gave the names of cupcakes in different languages just before going to a commercial break~ kleiner kuchen(german/deutche), petit gateau(french/francais), and pastel (spanish/espanol). i kept those in mind, since i love knowing things in other languages, especially when it comes to cooking/baking. so as i sat at my computer, i went around and around in my mind with ideas about starting a blog and what would i name it and so on and so forth. finally it hit me that with my love of baking and creating scrapbooking/stamping projects i should just call my blog bella's petit gateaux! my art projects are truly my little cakes, my cupcakes, my good things wrapped in a small package! so there you have it, that's what's in the name! well, if you're interested in recipes from the episode that alton brown made the chiffon cupcakes, it's the honey i shrunk the cake episode. happy baking and creating!

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