20 May 2008

tip of the day

do you have trouble setting conchos? well, get these items together: a push pad, a good quality popsicle stick, and a good hard surface~then you should be well on your way to setting conchos. here are step by step instructions for you:
1. place your paper over the push pad.
2. decide where you'd like to place your concho.
3. press your concho into your paper in the desired area.
4. move push pad aside and flip your paper over so the ring of the concho is flat on your table/mat/hard surface.
5. take your popsicle stick and fold each of the little teeth toward the center to "clench" the paper.
6. if you're having a rough day, just take your eyelet setting hammer and smash the teeth down~be careful not to rip/tear your paper with your agression, though! :0)

1 comment:

Sandra T. said...

These always give me a hard time! Thanks for the tips!!!!
Sandra Tejeda
CTMH sister