23 May 2008

tip of the day

ohhhh my goodness! i learned the most awesome thing today! did i tell you all i watch scrapbook memories tv everyday on byu channel 68 on directv(if you decide to sign up for directv make sure you mention my name so we can both get $50(tee hee) i have it because i'm addicted to the former nbc soap passions~well, among other things. lol)? i am not sure what other stations scrapbook memories tv comes on(maybe pbs), but you can totally check the website for stations in your area that carry the show (there are also recipes and instructions for the projects created in each segment that were shown on the show). anyway, i learned the most awesome and neat/tidy way to emboss metal sheets of paper. what you do is take your embossing template, place the metal sheet over it with the shiny side touching the template, then you take a little ball of waxed paper and roll it over the template so the embossed image shows up and so you don't scratch the metal paper . then, for added depth/dimension, you go over the image with your stylus to make it really pop! turn it over and put it on your layout/card! i tell you, i love, love, love that show!

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