14 May 2008

tip of the day

how many of you have the (fairly new) paint brushes and texture tools that ctmh now offers? you really want to try to clean them while they're still wet. it's really tough to clean them once they're stuck with dried paint on them. so here's a great way to clean them: you want to clean them with a little solution of equal parts of warm water, alcohol, and baby shampoo/bath(you don't want to use a lot, maybe 1/8c each). swish your brushes around in the solution, rub any debris off onto a soft cloth(or your double scrubber's removable side), rinse with cool water, and finally shake your brushes out and let them dry on a folded towel so any water can be absorbed and not rust your metal bristle holder. please do not leave them just standing in water~you don't want wood-rot or rust on your brushes. let me know how this works for you.

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scrappin' happy said...

Bella,Thanks for the tip. I'm always having such trouble with this. Also thanks for the post on my blog. BTW, your nephew is adorable!!!! Besides my boys, I think he is the cutest little boy I've ever seen and I'm not kidding!!!